Wednesday, February 24, 2010

$125 for $2.79 @ Walgreens!

Here's my trip to Wags for the new sale. At first I didn't see much that appealed to me but it turned out well, I purchased $125 worth of merchandise for $2.79 after coupons and Register Rewards (RR). I started out with $55.50 in RR, ended up with $53 in RR and spent $.29 out of pocket (OOP). They were all expiring that day so I needed to get rid of them and was pretty happy with my purchases. We eat a lot of the Healthy Choice meals for lunch when we are in a rush (which I guess we'll make up for with the Hershey's Pieces) so I was happy to get those for such a good price! Plus I now have the 3 Olay products I need to submit for the $15 Olay MIR available HERE, so it'll be an even better deal!

Transaction #1
4 Healthy Choice Steamers Basil Chicken 4/$10
4 Healthy Choice Steamers Sesame Chicken 4/$10
1 Bayer Contour Meter $14.99
4 Hershey's Pieces 4/$10
1 Joint Juice $10
1 Excedrin $2.50
1 Nutriserums Softsoap $2.99
1 Venus Razor $8.99
1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash $9.99
6 Valentine's Day Clearance Bags $.14 each
Total $80.30

3 - $1.25/2 Healthy Choice Steamers, Save-a-lot MQ HERE
2 - $1/1 Healthy Choice Steamers, ConAgra "Rediscover Your Balance" booklet
1 -Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter, Up To $30 Off. - 10-25-09 RP (Takes off $14.99)
4 -$1/1 Pieces Candy Bags (10-10.5 oz.) - 01-31-10 SS
1 -FREE Excedrin HERE (may no longer be available)
1 -$1/1 Nutriserums Wags Catalina
1 -$2/1 Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze 2/7 P&G
1 -Free Olay Body Wash WYB Venus Embrace or Breeze (no max) 2/7 P&G
1 -$1/1 Nutriserums Wags Coupon
Total $41.07
Used $41 in RR to pay, $.07 OOP
Got Back $31 in RR ($10RR Healthy Choice/Bayer, $5RR Hersheys, $10RR Joint Juice, $2RR Excedrin, $4RR P&G)
Transaction Total $10.07

Transaction #2
1 Joint Juice $10
1 Excedrin $2.50
2 Bayer Meters $29.98
1 Bayer Aspirin Powders 4pk clearance $1.52
5 Valentine's Gift Bags $.14 each
Total $44.70

1- $2/1 Excedrin HERE (may no longer be available)
2 - 2 -Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter, Up To $30 Off. - 10-25-09 RP (Takes off $14.99 each)

Total $14.72
Used $14.50 in RR to pay, $.22 OOP
Got Back $22 in RR($10RR Joint Juice, $10RR Bayer, $2RR Excedrin)
Transaction Total $7.28 Money Maker!

Overall Total $2.79


sharmn25 said...

Is the Bayer Contour RR still going on? I see that you bought a few on this trip.

Christie said...

Hi Sharmn25,

It's a slightly different deal this time. It's buy $30 worth of Bayer, Quaker Oats, Healthy Choice and a few other things and get a $10RR. So for one deal I bought 2 meters for $29.98 (which were free after coupons) and threw in the cheapest Bayer I could find (for $1.52) and got back $10RR. You could also throw in some inexpensive Quaker Oats too.