Monday, July 20, 2009

Buying Band-aids for Toilet Paper

I have a pet peeve. I hate buying toilet paper. It's literally flushing your money down the toilet. The whole idea of it makes me cranky. I always put off doing it until we need it because I can never find it cheap enough. Even when it's BOGO with coupons I still cringe at the idea of paying for it. Today however I think I found a deal I can live with. So I decided to take advantage of the $10 I got in ECB yesterday buying free first aid kits. Here's what I got...

Transaction #1
Neosporin Spray $6.29 (-$1.00 MC, - $5.00 ECB) = $.29
4 First Aid Kits 3.96 (-$1.00 MC) = FREE
(no overage cashier adjusted last one to .96)
2 chocolate almonds $.99 each (-$2.00 CVS) = FREE + .02 overage!
Used $5.00 ECB
Total oop $.27
Total ECB printed $5.00

Transaction #2
3 packs of 12 double rolls of CVS TP $5.00 each
Used $3 off of $15 in CVS merchandise
Used $10 in ECB (band-aid profit)
Total oop $2.00

Bottom line, I got more first aid kits that I'll ever need, got that cool Neosporin spray thing, more free nuts and I paid under .06 a roll for toilet paper...
Even I can live with that.

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