Monday, August 31, 2009

Sneak Peak - True North Snacks $1.50 Money Maker!

Here's a Sneak Peak for you so you can prepare for a great deal!

Starting 9/13 True North Snacks will be on special at Walgreens.
$3 each with a $3 RR on each purchase, making them FREE!
The Publix "Making Triathlon Cool Again" booklet has a $1.50 MC for ANY True North snack!
Making these a $1.50 Money Maker!

I believe these are only available at Florida Publix stores.
They were still available at my Publix a few days ago.
Looks like I know what we'll be snacking on for most of September!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

FREE & Super Cheap @ Wags 8/30

So here is the final tally for my trips to Wags today.
I actually went to 3 different Wags. Why do you ask?
I really wanted several of the razors & I didn't feel good about buying more than one at each store. I know how grumpy I get when I go to a store and they are out of something. Luckily there are 3 Wags all 5 minutes from me!

Here is the run down...

3 - 6 blade Razors $3.99 each
(Get back $3.99 Register Reward) = FREE

2 - Theraflu $4.99 each
(Used $2 off MC found HERE)
(Used $2 off Wags in Healthy Savings booklet)
(Get back $3 RR) = $2 Money Maker for each!

1 Colgate 360 Toothbrush $2.99
(Used 1 .40 off MC in 8/30 SS)
(Get back $2.99 RR) = .40 Money Maker!

1 - Rembrandt Toothpaste $5
(Used $1 off any Rembrandt product)
(Get back $5 RR) = $1 Money Maker!

1 Carefree Panty liners $1.99
(Used $1 off Carefree SS 8/30)
(Get back $2 RR) = $1 Money Maker!

2 - Reach Floss $2.99
(Used $1 off Reach Floss or Toothbrush)
(Get $2 RR) = FREE

Remember when you use RR to pay they are just like MC.
You can't have more MC than items (Wags coupons don't count) so that's where fillers come in. Also, if you use a RR from a manufacturer (like Colgate let's say) and you use it to purchase another Colgate item that is supposed to produce RRs you risk the RR not printing out.
Always use a RR from one manufacturer to pay for an item made by a different manufacturer if you want to guarantee your RR will print!

So on to today's fillers...
2 - Pocket Folders $.20 each w/ Wags in ad coupon
1 - Envelopes $.59 w/ Wags in ad coupon
1 - Dozen eggs $.99
1 - Travel Tissue $.29

My plan is to go ahead and pick up one more of all the free or money making items at another Wags. I'm not kidding when I say that there is a Wags every 3 miles here. Makes these deals even sweeter!

FREE & Cheap @ CVS 8/30

Not a big week for me at CVS.
I think Wags, K-mart and Target will keep me plenty busy this week.
So here's what we got on the CVS run...

Glade Reed Diffuser Fragrance Collection $6.99
(Used $3 off All You Mag August, Get $6.99 in ECB) = $3 Money Maker!!

Bausch & Lomb Renu Contact Lens Solution $7.99 each
(Used $3/12 Eye Care in Readyfill Booklet)
(Used 2 - $2 off HERE, Get $6 ECB) = $1.49 Each

So I used my profit from the reed diffuser to get my Renu for free. Pretty Nifty!

*The printable Renu coupon expires 8/31.
You could also use $1 off from SS 8/9 and they would be $2 each.
* You can also go to Red Plum for a coupon for the Glade.
It was $2 off a couple of days ago but there is a new $3 available!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Free and Cheap at Wags 8/28

Here's what I picked up at Wags today! These deals end Saturday!

Smart Rinse $4 each (must buy 2)
(Used B1G1 SS 8/02, $1 off SS 6/14, $1 off Wags Activity Book)
Get $3 RR = FREE plus profit!

Garnier Hairspray $3.34
(Used $1/1 RP 7/12)
Get $2 RR = $.34

Goody Ouchless Hair Accessories $2.99 each
Get $2 RR = $.99 each

Benadryl Cream & Spray $3.99 each (must buy 2)
(Used 2 - $1 off Benadryl, RP 8/23)
Get $5 RR = $.98 for both or $.49 each

Sudafed $4.99 each (must buy 2)
(Used 2 -$2 off Sudafed SS 8/02
Get $5 RR = $.98 for both or $.49 each

Assorted Fillers

Wags Activity Book (for the coupons of course!) $.99
Puffs Plus $.89 (Used .25/3 MC, not a deal but needed tissue)
Scrubber $.25 on Clearance

Target Ice Cream Party at My House!

Now that we have breakfast taken care of how about dessert? Here is another fabulous Target deal that could result in an impromptu ice cream party... hmmm... there's a Labor Day idea!

Edy's Ice cream will be $2.50 for a 1.5 qt starting Sunday
When you purchase 5 you get a $5 Target Gift Card
*Haagen-Dazs 14.0z and Nestle 4ct Drumsticks are also part of this promotion

So here is my master plan...
Buy 5 Edy's Ice creams (Light Slow Churned)
Use 5 $1 off Edy's Ice cream Target Internet q
Use 5 $1 off Edy's Slow Churned Light 8/23 RP
= $2.50 Total
(- my $5 Target Gift Card) =
$2.50 Money Maker!

*I know the Edy's coupons on 8/23 was not in all papers (or you may not want the light ice cream) so without the MC you'd still end up paying $2.50 for 5 tubs of ice cream!

A Very Special FREE Breakfast!!!!!!!

I am downright giddy with excitement right now at the deal coming up at Target this Sunday. It's a Fuel for School Mega Money Maker I'll call

A Very Special Breakfast

Part #1

Buy 4 Special K Cereals at $2.39 each
(Use 2 - $1/2 RP 8/2)
Total $7.56
(Get back $5.00 gift card)
Pay $2.56 for 4 boxes of cereal or .64 cents a box!

***Variation #2 on this deal if Blueberry is included
(Use 4 - $1 off Blueberry at for an even better deal)

Part #2

Buy 4 Special K Cereal Bars Fruit $2.39 each
(Use 4 - $.50 off Kellogg snacks grain or fruit from
(Use 2 - $1/2 Kelloggs Special K Cereal bars from
Total $5.56
(Get back $5.00 gift card)
Pay $.56 for 4 boxes of cereal bars or .14 cents a box!

Part #3

Buy 2 Nutri-Grain Bars $2.39 each
1 Gallon of White Target Milk $2.89
(Use $1/2 Nutri-Grain Bars 8/2 RP)
(FREE Gallon of Milk with 2 Nutri-Grain bars Target Special)
Total $3.78

***There is also a $2 off of Store brand coffee when you buy 2 Nutri-Grain bars that you could use to make this an even better deal. Also you can substitute 12 ct. Pop-tarts for the Nutri-Grain bars.

Now put all these Kelloggs deals together and you are looking at 10 items that qualify for the Fuel for School Rebate.
So if you buy them all in one transaction you are looking at

Total Bill of $14.90
(- $10 in Gift Cards)
(-$10 in Fuel for School Rebate)
= $5.10 Money Maker!!!

So you just got paid $5.10 to purchase

4 boxes of cereal, 6 boxes of cereal bars and a gallon of milk.

A Very Special Breakfast indeed!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

FREE Reese's @ CVS

Reese's are on sale right now 2/$1 at CVS. If you use the coupon from 8/23 (this past Sunday) for .55 off any Reese's product you'll get yourself some FREE yummy chocolate. Remember the coupon is more than the product so your register will beep and the cashier will have to adjust it.

I personally am a big fan on not having the register beep so I purchased an additional chocolate to prevent the beeping so...
I bought 7 and used 6 coupons. Cost was $3.50 and the coupons equaled $3.30 so I paid .20 for all 7 chocolates but no beeping!

If you were lucky enough to have 10 coupons you could buy 11 chocolates and they would all be free and no beeping! I'm going to have to order more of these coupons since I'm sure they'll be on sale again somewhere between now and Halloween!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Publix - $100 of groceries for $20!

This was a particularly good Publix shopping day! I had a ton of coupons for B1G1 items and was able to get things I needed at some of the lowest prices I've ever been able to get them at. I even bought a huge bottle of wine, make up, cat litter and Starbucks ice cream in this shop!

2 - Yoplait Fiber One - $2.50 B1G1
1- Frendship Cottage Cheese - $2.09
2 - Shout Trigger Stain remover - $2.99 B1G1
1 - Mondavi Chardonnay 1.5 L bottle - $9.49
2 - Tidy Cat Cat Litter - $6.99 B1G1
2 - Morningstar Farms Bacon - $3.79 B1G1
1 - Publix Half & Half - $1.29
4 - Starbucks Icecream - $3.79 x 2 B1G1
1 - Ragu Pasta Sauce - $1.29
1 - Covergirl powder - $4.99
1 - Covergirl powder puffs - $2.49
2 - Morningstar Farms burgers - $3.79 B1G1
2 - New England Coffee - $5.79 B1G1
2 - Lipton Sleepy time tea - $2.99 B1G1
1 - Oscar Mayer Deli Chicken Strips - $3.69
Total before B1G1 $98.17
(So, if I had made this purchase last week)
Total after B1G1 $61.75
(What my bill should have been this week)

($10/50 coupon)
(2 - $1.00 Yoplait Fiber One SS 8/09)
(.55 - Friendship Cottage Cheese "Nothing Goes to Waist" Publix Flyer)
(B1G1 - Shout "Summertime Savings" Publix Flyer)
(2 - $2 Tidy Cat Peelies)
(1 - $1/2 - Morningstar products "Kellogs Fuel for School")
(1 - $2 Off Starbucks Ice cream SS 6/21)
(3 - $1 Off Starbucks Ice cream RP 8/09)
(1 - .55 Off Ragu "Raise Your Hand for Savings" Publix Flyer)
(2 - $2 off Cover Girl in Green Publix Advantage Flyer - Store Coupon)
(1 - $2.50/2 Cover Girl MC PG 8/02)
(2 - $1 Morningstar Burgers IP HERE)
(2 - $1 New England Coffe IP HERE)
(2 - $1 off Any Lipton "Raise Your Hand for Savings" Publix Flyer)
(1 - $3 off any chicken product WYP Mondavi Wine - Tag on Bottle)

Grand Total $20.16

Now if I had bought some coupons through the Coupon Carry-out - for example $2 Starbucks coupons instead of 3 of the $1 ones, and I had had the $1 off one morningstar products instead of $1/2 I could have shaved off another $4 off my bill.

All in all I was very happy with my purchase and my little receipt that states
"Your Savings at Publix $82.07".

Monday, August 24, 2009

FREE & Cheap @ Winn Dixie

I really don't do very much shopping at Winn Dixie but they had a special on their Keebler products that I wanted to take advantage of so here is what I got...

4 - Keebler cookies $2.50 each = $10.00
1 - Gallon of Milk $2.89
1 - Dozen Eggs $.99
2 - Kellogs Eggo Waffles $1.79 each = $3.58
3 - Bananas = .72
4 - Apples = 1.49
1 - Broccoli - $1.00
1 - Kuddles Jumbo Diapers - $7.99
1 - Kuddles 80ct. Baby Wipes - $3.69
Total $32.22

2- $1/2 Keebler Cookies RP 8/2
Free Gallon of Milk WYB 4 Keebler Cookies (Winn D deal)
Free Dozen Eggs WYB 4 Keebler Cookies (Winn D deal)
1- $1/ Kellogs Eggo Waffles RP 8/2
1- $2 off Fresh Fruit WYB 2 Eggo Waffles (Publix Booklet)
1- Free Kuddles Jumbo Diapers (WD Baby Club)
1 - Free Kuddles 80ct. Baby Wipes (WD Baby Club)

Total $11.79

FREE & Cheap @ CVS 8/23

For those of you who have read my blog before you probably know my pet peeve about buying toilet paper. I usually buy it with accumulated ECB from other money making weeks and this time around it was no different. So here are my 3 CVS transactions so far this week.

Transaction #1
1 - Glade Sense & Spray $5
3 - Glade Lasting Impressions $5 each = $15
1- Carefree Ultra Pantyliner $3.79
2 - CVS Composition Notebook $.99 each = $1.98
Total $25.77

($5 off/$25 Readyfill Quiz@
(1 - $4 off Glade Sense & Spray 8/23 SS)
(3 - $3 off Glade Lasting Impressions 8/2 SS)
(1 - $ Carefree Ultra sample)
Total $6.77

Got Back ($6 ECB Glade, $3.79 Carefree, $1.98 Notebooks)
= $5 MM

Transaction #2
2 - Glade Lasting Impressions $5 each = $10
1 Carefree Pantyliner $3.79
3- Kotex Liners B1G1 FREE $1.59 each = $4.77
1 - Twix Candy Bar $.89
Total $19.45

Now I was all ready to throw in another candy bar but for some reason the register took this even though it wasn't $20 BEFORE tax, highly unusual!
(2 - $4 off Glade)
(1- $1 Carefree Liners HERE)
(3 - $1.50 off Kotex Reinventing Beauty Mag)
(1 - Free Twix)
Total $1.06
Got Back ($3 ECB Glade, $3.79 Carefree)
= $5.73 MM

Transaction #3
2 - 12 pack CVS Double Roll Toilet Paper $5 each = $10

($2/$10 CVS brand CRT)
Total $8
Paid for w/ some profit from the previous transactions!
Total OOP for TP = .15!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Shipping at Petco

Free Shipping at when you spend $40 or more.
Just use code PETCO11736841 at check-out.
Happy Shopping.

CVS - FREE & Cheap week of 8/16

I have so busy with K-mart double coupons that I forgot to post my CVS run for the week! What was I thinking.

Transaction #1
Loreal Revitalift Eye $14.99
Loreal Cream Cleanser $5.99
(Used $4/$20 Facial Skin Care Readyfill booklet)
(Used $5 off Revitalift Eye, Loreal Website)
(Used $1 off any Loreal Cleanser, Loreal Website)
Total $10.98
Get Back $10 ECB
Total after ECB $.98 for both

Transaction #2
2 Flexamin $19.99 each on sale B1G1
(Used $2/$10 Vitamin, Readyfill booklet)
(Used 2/$6.00 off)
Total $6 or $3 each

Transaction #3
8 Sobe Waters - $1.99 B1G1
4 Glade Soy Candles - $3.29 each
2 Recycled Pencil Boxes - $1.99 each
2 Packs of Stickers - $.50 each
2 Mini Composition Books - $1.99 each
2 Packs of filler Paper - $.99 each
2 Packs of Pens - $.99 each
1 Philips Headphones - $6.99
6 J&J First Aid Kits - $.99 each
2 Newspapers - $1.25 & $1.50
(Used $4/$20, Readyfill booklet)
(Used 4 B1G1 Sobe - up to $1.59)
(4 FREE Soy Glade Candle MC)
(6 $1 off any J&J product)

Total $20.26
(Get ECBs $3.98 for Pencil Boxes, $3.98 for Composition Books, $1.98 for filler paper, $1.98 for pens, $6.99 for Headphones, $6 for First Aid Kits)
Total After ECB $4.65 Money Maker!!!!

Value of Total Items Purchased $110.68
Total Spent on Everything After ECBs $2.33

And I used to think CVS was expensive...Ha!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kmart Doubles Part #6 The Finale

I am officially done with K-mart double coupons, after all I know that after a one week break, I get to do it all over again! When I went to my new favorite K-mart I found a new coupon book full of MC over by customer service. That enabled me to get some seriously cheap batteries and free deodorant - like I really needed more deodorant! :-) Here's what we got...

Bic Silky Touch Razors 10pk + 4 bonus $3.29 each
(Used $2 off, 7/19 SS, doubled to $3.29) = FREE

2 Whiskas Cat Food $4.99
*This was $5.29 at my other Kmart
(Used 2 - $2.00 off IP, doubled to $4) = $.99

Command Picture Hangers $2.99
(Used $1.50, Publix "Summertime Savings", doubled to $2.99) = FREE

T/Sal Shampoo $7.19
(Used $2 IP, Click HERE, Doubled to $4) = $3.19

Secret Gel Deodorant $3.99
(Used $2 off MC, In Kmart coupon book) = FREE

2 - Duracel Batteries 8pk $6 each
(Used $2 off MC, In Kmart coupon book) = $2 each

Total $8.18 - Used $5 Cat from yesterday

Final Total OOP $3.18

Total Saved $26.27

Total Saved at Kmart this week $189.12
Total Spent = $10.99

*I already counted the $5 Cat in my total yesterday so I used my pre-Cat total to arrive at my Total Spent. Otherwise I'd be counting it twice.
I decided I'd go ahead and spend my last $5 from the Renuzit deal since I have no plans on going back to K-mart till August 30th for Double Coupons. So, I bought a pair of shoes for work.

These were on clearance for $6.99.
When I got up to the register they rang up $4.89!
The only problem was I needed to reach $5 to use my Renuzit credit.
What's the cheapest thing I can find by the register? Snickers!
Snickers $.89 - bringing my total to a whopping $ .78!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

K-mart announces 8/30 Double Coupons AGAIN!

Yes it's official.

Got the e-mail confirmation today that Kmart is running another double coupon week starting 8/30. Isn't that crazy! My local area will be participating. This must be working for them or they wouldn't keep doing it. So I'm just doing my part to stimulate the local economy.

If you didn't plan ahead for this round you have some time to prepare.
I suggest visiting The Coupon Carry-Out by clicking HERE.
Remember you can get a 15% discount on your first order just...

1) Click on the link on my site
2) Enter Code BIGFATPIGGYBANK at checkout
3) Save a bunch of $$$$$

Kmart Double Coupons #5 The Saga Continues

So for this shop I decided to try a different Kmart closer to downtown.
JACKPOT! I only did one transaction because it was getting late
but I will be back there at least one more time this week.

2 Friskees Indoor Cat Treats $2.19
*These rang up $1.79 at another K-mart
(Used $1 off, 8/9 RP, doubled to $2) = .19 each

Visine Long Lasting $3.99 each
(Used 2 $2 off, 8/2 RP, doubled to $3.99) = FREE

Bic Silky Touch Razors 10pk + 4 bonus $3.29 each
(Used $2 off, 7/19 SS, doubled to $3.29) = FREE

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel $2.67
(Used $2 off, IP HERE, doubled to $2.67) = FREE

Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-N-1 $4.50
(Used FREE Fresh Brush wyb 1 Toilet Gel, 8/2) = FREE

Hot Shot Wasp Killer $3.19
(Used $1.50 any Hotshot, All You mag, doubled to $3) = .19
2 -
Toothpaste $6.19
(Used2 $2 off, Walgreens Diabetes & You) = 2.19 each

Total $4.95
Then I got a Catalina that printed out for
$5 off any $5 or more purchase in book, magazine, health, beauty, food or consumables!

Final Total $-.05 cents!

Total Saved $41.73

Total Saved at Kmart this week so far $162.85

Total Spent = $2.72

Kmart Double Coupons Part #4

Here is Kmart installment #4.

The K-mart I made these purchases at had practically nothing left that I
was looking for but I managed to put something together.

Green Works Wipes $3.49 each
(Used $2 MC in Publix Greenwise Mag, doubled to $3.49 each) = FREE

Pepsi Max or Diet $1 each
(Used 2 - $1/2, Publix "Making Triathlon Cool Again") = FREE

2 - Neutra Air - B1G1 - $2.67 each
(Used 1 MC for $1.50 off, doubled to $2.67 each) = FREE

2 Whiskas Cat Food $5.29 each
(Used 2 - $2.00 off IP, doubled to $4) = $1.29 each

Cello Sponges $2.69
(Used $1 off Cello, Publix "Summertime Savings",doubled to $2)= $.69

Tweezers $1.99
(Used $1 off Sally Hansen La Cross, All You Mag, doubled to $1.99) = FREE

Zip Lock Steam Bags $2.50
(Used $1 off, "Publix "Summertime Savings", doubled to $2) = .50

3 Renuzit Air fresheners $1 each
(Used B2G1, No doubling but I needed it) = $2

Finally Used $3 off Your Next Edibles or Consumables Purchase
(Printed on receipt of last purchase)

Final Total $2.77

Total Saved $30.87

Total Saved at Kmart this week so far $121.12

Total Spent = $5.19

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons - #3 The CAT Edition

As promised here is trip #3

Kmart Generic Rubbing Alcohol $1.35
(Used coupon at for free alcohol w/ $20 purchase) = FREE

4 Whisker Lickins $1.49
(Used 2- $1/2, doubled to $4 total) = .49 each

4 Pepsi Max $1 each
(Used 2 - $1/2, Publix "Making Triathalon Cool Again") = FREE

1 Tidy Cat $6.99 each
(Used 1 $2 off Tidy Cat, Publix "Pet Days", Doubled to $4) = $2.99

1 Friskees $4.89
(Used $2 off, Publix "Pet Days", Doubled to $4) = $.89

2 Friskees Indoor Cat Treats $1.79
(Used $1 off, 8/9 RP) = FREE

2 Hartz Crunch Clean Treats $1.97
(Used $1 off IP, Found HERE) = FREE

Used $3 off Your Next Edibles or Consumables Purchase
(Printed on receipt of last purchase)

Final Total $2.84

Total Saved $27.87

Total Saved at Kmart this week so far $90.25
Total Spent = $2.42

(1st shop still had a .42 MM, that's why my overall total is spent is less that the total for this purchase)

*Also the cashier had to manually put in the alcohol coupon, once out of the store I realized that the register didn't like that I had used 2 K-mart coupons, so keep that in mind.

Kmart Double Coupons - Installment #2 FREE Deals!

Yesterday was a crazy day and I totally forgot to post another K-mart run. So today I'll give you 2 more K-mart trips. I have noticed the shelves are starting to look bare at my local K-mart for the items that had corresponding newspaper coupons in the past 2 weeks. Here's how this deal went down...

2 Skinmate Trial sized $1.89 each
(Used $1.00 off any, 8/2 SS insert, doubled to $1.89) = FREE

2 Whiskas Cat Food $5.29 each
(Used 2 - $2.00 off IP Available HERE, doubled to $4) = $1.29 each

1 Starbucks Frappuccino $2.00
(Used 1 $2.00 off, 6/2 SS insert, doubled to $2) = FREE

2 Pepsi Max $1.00 each
(Used $1 off 2, Publix "Making Triathlon Cool Again", Doubled to $2) = FREE

4 Hunts Snack Packs $1.00 each
(Used $1 off 4, All You August) = $.50 each

1 Propel Water $.79
(Used .55 off tag, doubled to .79) = FREE

1 SOBE Water $1.00
(Used .50 off, CVS tearpad, doubled to $1) = FREE

Used $3 off Your Next Edibles or Consumables Purchase
(Printed on receipt of last purchase)

Final Total $1.58

Total Saved $22.56

Total Saved at Kmart this week so far $62.38

Total Spent = ZERO!!!

1st shop was a $2 Money Maker so I've still got a .42 MM!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kmart - Double Coupons - MONEY MAKER!

Let the fun begin!

Here is installment #1 of what will be many, many purchases made during K-mart double coupons week. If you need to see the rules for this promotion click HERE. The cashiers and the Kmart I went to had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and I had to show them the ad. My Kmart was really empty and not one other person there was using coupons!

4 - Neutra Air - B1G1 - $2.67 each
(Used 2 MC for $1.50 off, doubled to $2.67 each) = FREE

3-Greenworks Wipes - $3.49 each
(Used 3 $2 MC in Publix Greenwise Mag, doubled to $3.49 each) = FREE

1 Renuzit Crystals Starter - $5.50
(Used $2 MC, doubled to $4) = $1.50

1 Renuzit Crystals Refill - $5.50
(Used $2 MC, doubled to $4) = $1.50

3 Renuzit Spray - $1.89 each
(Used $1 MC, doubled to $1.89) = FREE

Total Out of Pocket $3.00 But...Received $5 off next purchase any amount =

$2 Money Maker!!!!

I love getting paid to bring this stuff home! The 5$ was for a promotion they are running where if you spend $15 in participating products (in my case Renuzit) you got $5 off your next purchase. If you spend $10 you get $3. So that was a nice bonus!

*Now keep in mind I don't figure in tax when I calculate these, taxes are different everywhere so that would be too confusing. It was still a Money Maker for me even after taxes but your mileage will vary.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Minute Trip to WAGS for some FREE stuff!

I ran out to Walgreens to take advantage of one more deal. I found coupons at Publix by the stationary products for "Buy 1 Scotch Paper Cutter Product get Scotch Packing Tape Free" and I knew just were to go!

2 Scotch Paper Cutters On Clearance $1.49
(Used 2 -$1.00 off any Scotch Paper Cutter 8/9 Newspaper) = .49 each

2 Scotch Packing Tape $2.99
(Used 2 B1 Paper Cutter get Tape FREE) = FREE

Listerene 500ml $3.00
Reach Dental Floss $3.00
Reach Dental Floss $3.00
(Used - .50 off Listerine, B2Reach get $3.00 off)
(PLUS get $6 in Register Rewards when you buy 3) = .50 Money Maker!

Hair Clips on Clearance $.49

Total After RR $.97!!!!

* You could also buy a Reach toothbrush instead of dental floss or Listerine in this deal. You can mix & match depending on what you need & have coupons for. There are some $1 off coupons for the Listerine but the ones I had were all for the larger size so $.50 was it for me.

Friday, August 14, 2009

MONEY SAVING Offer Just for You!

As a way to say thank you to my Big Fat Piggy Bank readers
I have a special discount just for you!

Order coupons from the Coupon Carry-Out, use the coupon code


and get 15% your first order!

Order fast and you can get some great deals at the upcoming
K-mart Double coupon week starting Sunday 8/16.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FREE and Cheap Petfood - 8/13 @ Petsmart

I promised yesterday that I'd show you what I'm doing with some of the coupons I got from the Coupon Carry-Out. Like I mentioned they have a Pet sale going on right now. I ordered a bunch of coupons last night and intend to repeat a deal similar to the one above over and over again!

Like I've said before I love Petsmart for pet stuff since they take all competitors coupons and they'll also give out $3 off coupons when you take a brief survey all the time.

Friskees Party Mix $1.33 each x 2 = $2.66
Fancy Feast Appetizers $1.20 each x 2 = $2.40
Mighty Dog Cans $.58 each x 8 = $4.64
Total $9.70

Used $2 Off PetSupermarket Coupon
1- B1G1 Party Mix
1 - B1G1 Fancy Feast
8 - FREE Mighty Dog Can
Total $.53 cents!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEW - Save $ with Coupon Carry-Out!

You can now save money by using a fabulous new service called Coupon Carry-Out. Visit the Coupon Carry-Out today by clicking HERE and start slashing your grocery bill!

This affordable coupon clipping service provides grocery and manufacturer coupons for a handling fee. This is the coupon clipping service I use and when it comes to coupons I don't mess around. They are fast, very well priced and offer deals and specials all the time. Right now they have a special on pet coupons (you'll see some of the deals those helped me get in the next few days). So enjoy!

FREE & Cheap at Walgreens this week!

Here are some of the deals to be had at Walgreens this week.

3 Soleil Razors 4 pk - 3 blade
On clearance $3.49 each (-$3 MC 8/9 paper) = $.49 each

Paper Cutters
On clearance $1.49 each (-$1 MC 8/9 paper) = $.49 each

Colgate Total Enamel Toothpaste
$2.99 (-.75 MC, -$2.99 Register Rewards) = $.75 Money Maker!

Jergens Naturals Body Lotion
$5.99 (-$5.00 Register Rewards) = $.99

Glade Sense & Spray
$6.99 (-$3.00 MC All You Mag or 8/2 paper, -$2 RR) = $1.99

3pk notepads
Clearance for $.50

Hair clips & Ponytail holders
Clearance for $.45

(Both the notepads & hair items were fillers. I wanted to use 2 RR and you can't have more coupons than items. Register Rewards are considered coupons)

More Walgreens Deals to come...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FREE & Cheap at CVS 8/9

I was a couple of days late getting in for the new sales at CVS this week. I was a little worried I wouldn't find what I needed but turns out I had no problems. It was a bit of a slow week for deals but I still think I did ok.

Coppertone Nutrasheild Sunscreen (w/face sunscreen sample attached)
$8.99 (-$5.00 IC, Click Here for coupon-$2 Extra Care Bucks ) = $1.99

Loreal Colorstay Makeup
$9.99 (-$1 MC, - $9.99 ECB) = $1 Money Maker

Soleil Razor Cartridges
$6.99 (-$3 MC 8/9, - $3 ECB) = $.99

24 Chocolate Bars
2/$1 (-12 coupons for $1/2)
1 Hersheys Kisses
$3(-$1 MC in CVS Beauty Mag)
(-$5 in ECB for $15 worth of Candy)
= $3 Money Maker

2- 2 oz Soy Candles Glade
$3.29 (2 FREE Candle Coupons 8/9 MC) = FREE

Finally a $5 off of $25 purchase
CLICK HERE for that coupon
Total = $5.02 Money Maker!

For the $5/ $25 you just have to take a brief quiz on Readyfill which I actually thought was interesting. Now my only challenge is making it till Halloween without eating all this candy! Wish I had more of those coupons.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FREE Cat Food tastes better

Picked up a great deal on pet food today.
I buy most of my Pet supplies at Petsmart because I think they rock.
Here's how this deal went...

2 Friskies Party Mix Treats $1.69 each

1 Mighty Dog Can $.58

2 Friskies Large Cans $.77 each

1 Bag of Purina One $4.99

Total $10.49

Used $2.00 Off Competitor Coupon

B1G1 Party Mix

Free Can of Mighty Dog

$3 Off Purina One

Total $3.22

Saved $7.27

Couponing is Good for the Community!

This morning I dropped off a book bag full of school supplies to a local charity that helps kids from needy families prepare for going back to school. The total I spent for all of these supplies was .17 cents and that was for the pack of highlighters, everything else was free. It can now go to kids who may not be ready for school otherwise.

It feels great to be able to help out, a little like Robin Hood. :-)

FREE Soap, FREE Cereal & Cheap DVDs

I ran out to Target for trip one and picked up some FREE soap and $3 DVDs.

Soft Soap $3 (- $2 Target Q, -$1 IC from = FREE

DVDs $5 (- $2 Sony Coupons available HERE ) = $3

I was so excited about my FREE soap that I decided to pick up some more.

I got 2 more FREE soaps (one for my mom), 2 hefty zip bags I needed @ .87 cents each after a .20 peelie, and the super surprise of the night...


Yes, apparently my SuperTarget had restocked since Sunday, they had been out of the Kashi for over a week, maybe two. I still had some Kashi coupons and decided to use 4 to get 2 for me and 2 for mom (since I've now got her hooked on the stuff too). I could have taken more but I wanted to make sure there was more for other couponers. :-) Remember you can get the Kashi $1 off coupon on the Target website. Have Fun!

.15 for Peanut Butter, YUM!

Here are some of the deals I took advantage of...

Buy Any Vitamin Shampoo or Conditioner $3.99 (Get $3.99 in Register Rewards) = FREE

Buy 2 pk of Gum toothbrushes $3.49 (Use .75 coupon, Get $3.49 in RR) = .75 Money Maker

Buy 8 Skippy Peanut Butters $2 each (Use 8x .60 cents off from this weeks paper, or .55 off from Publix Raise Your Hand for Savings, Get $10.00 in RR) = Getting them for .15 a piece!

Buy 8 Suave Deodorants @1.39 each (Use 4 x $.75 off 2, Get $10 in RR) = $1.88 Money Maker

Buy 1 Frizz Ease $7.99 (You Get $5 in Register Rewards) = $2.99

Buy 2 Tylenol Cold $4.99 each (Use $1 off Tylenol from Walgreens Pharmacy, Get $5 in RR) = $2.99 or about $1.50 each *I had already used my $2 IC but if you haven't you could use that one to make it .99 for both!

Monday, August 3, 2009

$10 in FREE FOOD (or free coffee!)

Schwan's Delivery service has a new promotion to introduce people to the company. If you are in their delivery area you can get some free food! How awesome is that?! You can order up to $10 totally FREE, but quantaties are limited so get to it. I ordered me up some yummy coffee. Can't wait. Click on the link below.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's FREE at CVS - week of 8/2

Wow, what an awesome week this week at CVS! Anytime I can get 5 boxes of Electrasol for FREE there is reason to celebrate. Here's how my shop went...

Transaction #1
5 Electrasol @ $4.50 each
(-$4/$20 coupon, -5 x $2.50 off MC)
Total $6
Get Back $10 in ECB = $4 Money Maker!

Transaction #2
2 Stayfree @ $5 each
(-B1G1 MC, -$1 off any Stayfree MC)
1 Nutrisoap @$4.99
(- $2 IC from
Total $6.99
Get Back $9 in ECB = $2.01 Money Maker!

Transaction #3
Blink Eye Drops @ $7.99
2 Visine Eye Wipes @ $3.99 each
(- $3/$12 in eyecare, -$3.00 MC on blink, - 2 X $2 Visine)
Total $5.97
Get Back $7.99 in ECB = $2.02 Money Maker!

Everyone gets a FREE item this month mine was the CVS Hand cream
And the Highlighter was .01 cent

Everything else was Free after ECB including
pencils, book covers, scissors, glue sticks, rulers,
notebooks, compass & protractor

The limit for the Nutrisoap says1 in the ad but it looks lke it is actually 5.
I was able to buy a second one and get the $4 ECB. Yippee!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Walgreens Coupons & .49 cent razor cartridges

Stopped into Walgreens and found a great deal on Soleil razors cartridges in their clearance. I had one Soleil coupon left that was about to expire that I was able to use. I think there is another coupon for this coming up soon so be on the look out for it or you could go HERE to print out a coupon coupon. The new Soleil razors have 4 blades and so the ones with 3 blades are being marked down. I also picked up some packing supplies for .12 cents each after the .50 off any Scotch packing supplies in last weeks Red Plum.

Soleil razor refills on clearance $3.49 (-$3 MC) = .49 each
Packing supplies (bubble wrap, mailing tubes) $.62 (-.50 MC) = .12 each

Also. there is a Walgreens magazine "Diabetes and You" that has some coupons in it. I always grab this magazine, it's free and usually in the waiting area of the pharmacy. I've gotten some high value Fiber One coupons in here in the past.

This edition includes
$2.00 off any Benefiber product
$1.50 on any 2 Colgate Total Toothpaste 6 oz or larger
$2.00 off any biotene (excludes trial size)
$1.00 on any Finest Natural Chromium Picolinate
$2.00 on any Walgreens by Ace brace

These are MC but some do say use at Walgreens or other such wording on them. I think they'd probably go through the registers at other stores with no problem, it'll be a cashier or manager discretion situation most likely.

I also found some coupons for $1.00 off any Tylenol product (excludes trial size) by the pharmacy too. Happy coupon hunting!