Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happiness for $1.35

People often roll their eyes when I talk about working within a budget. I always explain that it's not about doing without it's about having a plan for what you have. Budgeting is also about spending your money in a way that ultimately makes you happy. If I was to spend more than I can afford and was staring at a huge credit card bill, I would not happy. Regardless of how fabulous the item was I charged on that card.

Creativity and planning are two of your most powerful budgeting and money saving tools. For example, here's my last hurrah at K-mart's double coupons yesterday. I needed new eyeliner so I figured I'd make one last trip.

The retail price of the eyeliner I purchased was $4.59. However, using my coupons I was able to buy all of what's pictured above for $1.35 before tax.

Yes, I even had a coupon for the magazine.

Now that makes me happy. :-)

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Anonymous said...

So well said. I am consistently reminded that my "silly little coupon cutting" and a good plan are worth it. Especially when coworkers, neighbors, friends and family are talking about how silly it is. And in the same breath whining about their credit card debt. I will always take spending an hour to plan and clip over spending the time to figure out how to pay off credit cards.

I am amazed at how much we can stockpile for so little. Sites like this one are fantastic tools for our financial future.