Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smart Ones Cheap at Target!

Target has got some Internet coupons for Smart Ones meals that are on sale this week for $1.80. There is also a coupon in the Publix booklet "Nothing Goes to Waist" for .75 cents off a smart ones pizza.
Here's how this deal worked out.

Smart Ones Pizza $1.80 each (- $1 Target Q, $.75 MC) = .05 each
Smart Ones Dessert $1.80 (- Free w/4 meals All You Mag) = FREE
Hefty Exten. Bags $3.29 (-$1 MC, -$1 Target Q w/produce) = $1.29
Apples $1.80 (-$1 off Apples) = $.80

Total = $2.29

* Now don't get the Artisans Creations pizzas pictured here, they won't ring up on sale and you'll have a big headache getting them to give you the 5/$9.00 price. It was all that was left in my Target so it worked out ok, but save yourself the headache and get the regular pizzas.

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