Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's Free (or really cheap) at Publix this week?

Picked up some Free fish at Publix this week. I gave away some of my coupons so I only had enough for 4 boxes. But it feels good to share the wealth!

Starkist Seasations $5.99 each - BOGO (-2 $3 off MC) = FREE
Starbucks Ice Cream $3.79 (Free item MC from Facebook) = FREE
Chef Boyardee .85 (-$1 off MC Internet) = FREE & you make .15
Alexia Waffle Fries $2.79 BOGO (- 2 $1 off coupons) = .79 for both

Total $.64

I'll definitely have to print out more of those Chef Boyardee coupons.
I love overage and those things taste great during a hurricane. :-)


Lisa said...

target has a coupon for 75 cents off 2 on the alexia - makes them 7 cents each then !!! :)`

Christie said...

You are so lucky that your Publix will take Target coupons. Sadly the ones in my area do not, even though there is an awesome Super Target across the street. Go figure!