Friday, September 25, 2009

An Army of Nail Polish

I've had a GREAT time at Wags this week with the
nail polish deal I wrote about earlier this week.
I have been to at least 10 Wags since I can only bring
myself to do the transaction once or maybe twice at any store.
Luckily they are everywhere and I drive all over for
work so they were all on the way. Lot's of friends
and family are getting nail polish this year.

If you missed it you have one day left for this deal so I'll recap...

Sally Hansen Nail Polish 40% off & Get a $5 RR
for your next Sally H Purchase WYB 3 Nail polishes

So here's the plan
Buy 3 Hard as Nails = $4.65
(Use 3- $1 off 8/23 SS or Kmart $62 Savings) = $1.65
Get a $5 RR back to use
on your next Sally purchase

Transaction #2
Buy 4 Hard as Nails = $6.20
(Use $1 off 8/2 SS or Kmart $62 Savings Booklet)
(Use $5 RR for your next Sally Hansen Purchase)
Total = .20
Get another $5 RR and keep doing it until you
are stocked up on .05 nail polish!

*You can also buy just 3 or give additional Qs if you have them and use the overage for something else. When I ran out of Qs I bought 3 nail polishes for $4.65 and 3 Halloween cups. My out of pocket before tax was .02 and I got another RR to do it all again!

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