Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Edy's Ice Cream - $.30 or less at Target!

So, I took advantage of the Edy's deal at Target I wrote about a few days ago. Just to clarify these are the LARGE 1.5 qt sizes, not the small servings.

2 - Edy's Light Ice cream 1.5qt $2.50 each
3 - Edy's Fun Flavors Ice cream 1.5 qt $2.50 each
Total $12.50
(Used 5- $1.00 off Edy's ice cream from HERE)
(Used 2- $1.00 off Edy's Light Slow Churned 8/23 RP
($5.00 Gift Card from Target Deal!)
Total $1.50!!!!!

If you wanted all Light Ice cream you could use 5 MC and get them all FREE + make $2.50 on the deal! I didn't want all Light so I only used 2 MQ. They have a ton of great flavors, I can't wait to try the Expresso Chip, YUM!

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