Monday, September 14, 2009

Making $ at Wags!!!

Sunday @ Wags

Basically each True North Snack is a $1.50 Money Maker (could be up to a $4.50 MM if you have the Try Me Free Peelie)

Neosporin is a $2 Money Maker

Triaminic is a $2 Money Maker

The Listerine is FREE with a $1 off Wags Catalina

All the TP were .50 Fillers, Halloween bags were .29 cent Fillers, Halloween candy was a .39 Filler

Click HERE for my previous post with the details!

Monday @ Wags
I went back because I heard that WYB 2 of
the Nighttime Triaminics you'd get
TWO $5 RR instead of 1.
(Thanks Steelers0512 @ A Full Cup!)

I had to put that to the test. Unfortunately the IPs were all out!
Remember that Flyer I found at Publix yesterday
(it's called What Ache by the way)with the
$2 Triaminic... Boy did they come in handy!
So here's how this went...

2 Triaminic $5 each
1 True North Snacks $3
1 Big Roll .50
Total $13.50

2- $2 off Triaminic
1- $2 off Wags Q for Triaminic (takes off $4)
1 - $1.50 True North (Publix, Making Triathlon Cool)
(Used $4RR to pay)

New Total $0.00
Got Back $13 in RR!!!!!

If you didn't use a RR to pay
(you wouldn't need to buy TP as a filler)
so you'd be spending $3.50 and getting back $13.
That's a $9.50 MM!!!!!!!
UPDATE - NO MORE 2nd RR for Triaminic,
hope you picked some up while the gettin' was good!

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