Thursday, September 10, 2009

More FREE Candles at Wags!

I just can't stop myself with these candles.
When I know my balance is going to be $0.00...
it's just too exciting to pass up!
This is similar to the transaction I did the other day,
however I used different coupons & I was able to find
the candle holders that are on sale at a different Wags.

2-Glade Candle Holders @ $2 each
3 -Glade Candle refills @ $3.99 each

Used 2 - $2 off of Glade Candles(in the refills I bought before)
2 - B1 Candle Holder get Glade refill FREE 8/23 SS
1 - B2 refills get a 3rd refill FREE (also in the refills)
Total $0
Got back $1 RR = $1 MM!!!!

I did have to pay tax since this is a taxable item.

*It's the older Glade refills that have the awesome coupons ($2/holder, B2G1 Refill). In my picture it's the one on the right. You'll notice the packaging is differnt. The coupons would be on the top, just inside the plastic and you can tell without having to open it if it's got the coupon in it. The candle holders themselves had a coupon in them for $2/ 2 Glade Scented Oil products. Not great but it might come in handy in the future.


Blissfully Couponing said...

What is the date on this post?

Blissfully Couponing said... i see the date:)