Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Coupon Book at PetSmart!

I can't say I remember PetSmart putting out coupon books but today when I was there I saw a cashier looking through something and my coupon-sense started tingling.

(Like Spiderman's Spidey-Sense but for finding coupons.)

For those of you with pets this one's for you. It has a few Petsmart coupons but mostly MC for dogs, cats, birds, fish, bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets & what appears to be some kind of reptile...
(uh, different strokes for different folks right?)

Some of my favorite coupons are...
-$2 on Milk-Bone Essentials Plus Long-Lasting Chews
-$1 on 3 Meow Mix Market Select Cups Cat Food
-$5 on AvoDerm Cat Food 7lbs or larger
-$5 on any 16 lb. bag of Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food
-B1 16 lb. Friskees & get 2 Cans of Friskies Indoor Cat FREE
-$1 on Any Cesar Treats for Dogs
-B1 16 lb bag of Cat Chow &
Get 2 cans of Fancy Feast FREE
-B1 7 lb bag of Purina One Cat &
get 2 cans of Fancy Feast FREE
-$2 on any size Tidy Cats Litter
-B2 Purina Dog Treats G1 FREE
-B2 Purina Cat Treats G1 FREE
-Buy any Purina Beneful Dry 15 lb+
get 2 Beneful Prepared Meals FREE
B-uy any Purian One Dog 17lb+
get 3 Purina One Wholesome Entree FREE
-Buy Pro Plan brand Dog 17.5+
& get 4 Purina Pro Plan cans FREE
-Buy any Chef Michael's 4.5 lb+ &
get 2 cans wet FREE
-$1 off Feline Greenies
-$1 on a Toy Shoppe dog toy over $2
-$1 on a Whisker City or Toy Shoppe cat toy
-$4 on Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Removal Starter Kit
-$5 on Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

And there pages and pages more!

The cashier (who was rather rude by the way)
told me I had to make a purchase to get one.
Not the service I've come to know at Petsmart.
, fine, that is after all why I was there,
to make a purchase.
Funny thing is when I made my purchase she
didn't give me one, so I gently reminded her.
I'm sure PetSmart didn't print these so they could be hidden
by the cashiers, so if you don't see them
in your store be sure to ask.

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