Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to Wags for FREE Band-aids!

Another great Wags deal this week. I didn't bring this to you until now because I wanted to be sure it would work and sure enough it does!

For this one you'll need the Wags Activity Book. This book costs .99 cents and it has lots of great coupons, mostly for childrens items. There are items like Listerine, Band-aids, Huggies and Neosporin.

3 Character Bandaids $3.67 each
1 Hydrogen Peroxide $.29
(or any other inexpensive filler)

$2 off Character Band-aids in Activity Book FIRST
(Takes of $6)
Use $1.99 Q in Wags Ad for Character Band-aids
(Takes off all the Band-aids with .03 overage)
Total $.26

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