Monday, October 12, 2009

CVS - FREE & Cheap Week of 10/11

Ok, after some more thinking I decided to go to CVS this week.
My hubby helped me see that it was worth buying all
this other stuff if I could get pizza for $1.
We love pizza around here and $1 is an incredible price.
And all this other free stuff is pretty good too.
Triscuits are great to have around the holidays, I'm sure we'll
use the Neosporin, we'll certainly eat the Kashi before
it expires (in about a year) and now I have a strong
motivation to carve a pumpkin!

So here is what I did...

1 Neosporin Lip $2.89
1 Kashi Go Lean $3.00
1 Dove Chocolate Bar .89
2 DiGiorno Pizzas $12
1 Triscuits $3
2 Pumpkin Carving Tools $3.98
Total $25.76

$5/$25 CVS Flu Q
1 - $3 off Neosporin (brought down to $2.89)
(no longer available)
1 - $3 off Kashi - Vocal Point
1 - FREE Dove - Mars Chocolate Relief Act
(no longer available)
2 - $1/1 DiGiorno - Tearpad @ Publix
1 - $1 Triscuits
(no longer available)
Total $10.98
Get Back $5 ECB Kraft, $3.98 ECB Carving Tools
Total = $2 after ECBs!


Unknown said...

Love the CVS deals you could also use the BOGO coupon out of the green Publix flyer for the Neosporin lip treatment.

Christie said...

Cindy - Great suggestion! I wish they weren't out of the internet prints for that Neosporin, it really was great for meeting the $25 and with the Publix coupon it would have been even better!

Christie said...

Neosporin is back! Yippee, see my post here...