Thursday, October 29, 2009

FREE Cat Food @ Petsmart

Ok, I'm still annoyed at Petsmart (I posted last week about how they have decided to stop taking competitor coupons). So I bought my pet supplies this week somewhere else. However, I remembered Petsmart had sent me a coupon for a FREE bag of Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food and I couldn't just let it expire! So, I ran in the store determined to walk out with only free items. So here's what I bought...

Natural Choice 3.5lb bag $12.99
5 Friskees Natural Sensations $1.60 each
Used - 1 FREE 3.5 bag of Natural Choice
(Petsmart Q Home Mailer w/Pet Perks Card)
5 - Free Friskees Natural Sensations 9/27 SS
Total = 0!

I felt a little better knowing all my items were free (except tax) and the stray cats outside of my office will be very happy campers. It will be a while however till Petsmart gets any actual money out of me. Grrrrrrr.


opnmatters said...

I also went to Petsmart to buy my dog food to find out that the store that I went to was no longer doing price matching nor where they allowing you to use competitor coupons. They where also very rude about it. it could have been handled a lot better so, I left the dog food at the register and went to another Petsmart this one let me use the competitors ad and I found a coupon on the food. I needed the food for that night or I would have gone to another store.

Christie said...

Good for you for standing your ground! In the e-mail I got from Petsmart corporate they stressed that even they weren't accepting competitor qs they were still price matching. So, I don't know what that 1st store you went to was thinking. Making up there own rules I guess. We know which store you'll be visiting from now on!

Unknown said...

Enough people rebelled that corporate backed down to some degree on this policy and is AGAIN taking competitor coupons with these condtions (as of November 7th). Quoted letter from customer service "We’ve heard from many customers about this decision, and based on the feedback we have taken the opportunity to revise our original decision. Listed below is the new policy on competitor coupons that we will accept:

-Coupons from other retailers for pet-related merchandise similar to the merchandise the customer is purchasing.

-Both "dollar off" and "percent off the total purchase" coupons are considered valid competitor coupons.

The coupons we will continue to not accept are:

* Coupons for merchandise we don’t carry.
* Coupons for merchandise not in the transaction.
* Expired coupons.

We do value you as a loyal PetSmart customer and thank you for sharing your views on our policy change. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to our store. " They did indeed accept the pet supermarket $5/$25 coupon the next time I went in (they had refused it the previous visit).

Christie said...


That is AWESOME news! I'm going to contact my local store and confirm that they know this because I have quite a few items I have to buy. Thanks so much for the tip!