Monday, October 19, 2009

Publix Run #2 - Saved 88%!

I normally won't head out to Publix more than once in a week but I decided that this week it was worth making a 2nd trip. Plus I had a $5 off of $50 coupon that was valid only Friday - Sunday so I decided I could put together a deal that would make it worth the trip. With that FREE snuggle it was going to be easy to reach $50 so I figured I'd take advantage. And if the snuggle was out I could get a raincheck that would make it easy for me to hit $50 next week!

Here's what I got...
6 Snuggle $3 each
6 Pepsi Max $1 each
2 Cat's Pride $7.69 B1G1
1 Alexia Waffle Fries $2.99
4 Bird's Eye Veggies $1.10 each
1 Laughing Cow Cheese $2.70
1 Grapes $1.60
1 Sliced Turkey $2.15
1 Bag Eat Smart Veggies $1.00
1 Publix Alcohol $1.99
1 Maybeline Stilleto Mascara (wrang up) $3.90
Total $52.42

Here's What I Used...
$5/$50 Competitor Q
6 - $3 off Snuggle 10/4 RP
3 - $1/2 Pepsi (Making Triathalon Cool)
(FL Publix Booklet)
2 - $1/1 Cat's Pride 10/4 SS
(There were also $1 Peelies)
1 - FREE Alexia Snacks - (Rebate
from earlier purchase)
2- $1/2 Birds Eye (Fresh, Flavorful, Frozen Booklet)
(Available at Publix)
1- $1/ Produce WYB Laughing Cow
(Tearpad in Store)
1 - Publix Q - FREE Publix Alcohol
(Publix Baby Club)
1 - Publix Q - $2 off Maybelline
(Green Advantage Flyer)
1 - $1 off Maybelline Mascara 10/11 RP
Total $13.44

*** Wait a minute ... the Mascara wrang up incorrectly
(should have been $3.29 after the 40% off sale Publix
had this week on Maybelline Mascara).
So, Publix Promise - It rings up incorrectly it's FREE!
I assumed that they would take off the 2 coupons I used for it,
so when I asked for them back they told me it wasn't
necessary, they would just remove the
$3.90 off my bill! WOW, uh, ok, not complaining.

New total $9.54!!!!
So with Sales & Coupons I saved 88%!


Unknown said...

On the Cats Pride.....Did you use the peelies as well as the coupons you already had for that product?
I tried that the other day at Walmart with the Purdue Oven Ready Roaster I had a $1.00 off coupon and there was a peelie on the package and they wouldn't let me use both.

Christie said...

Hi Erin, No I didn't use both but I did want to let people know that there were peelies on some items incase they didn't have the insert or printable coupon.

I pulled the peelie off before I even made it to the register. I was afraid she'll scan it right after the item and that would take me under the $50 I needed to use my $X/$50 coupon! :-)