Saturday, November 21, 2009

$5/$25 NEW Wags Q - Sunday & Monday ONLY!

There is a new Wags coupon good for $5 off your in-store purchase of $25 good this Sunday and Monday only! Click HERE to Print. Be sure to work this into your scenarios for tomorrow. Remember that this coupon is to be used after all other coupons (MQ & Wags Qs) have been used. If your store doesn't follow that guideline, lucky you. :-)


Unknown said...

The Walgreen coupon prints without the numbers under the bar code. Is that acceptable for a competitor coupon?
Thanks for your blog. It's very informative.

Christie said...

Hmmm, well I think it depends where you are taking it. Where do you plan to use it?

If you use it at Walgreens itself it's perfectly fine. The last time they e-mailed these it was the same way, it looked a little funny but it scanned perfectly.

I'm glad you are getting some good info, I'm happy to help! :-)

Unknown said...

I was planning to use it at Publix. Last week, I was able to use the $5/$25 coupon that was included with the Sunday ad and had no problems. But I can't remember if the barcode had numbers below it or not.

Christie said...

My Publix doesn't take Wags coupons, lucky you!:-) But I think if yours does it should be ok even without the numbers.

The numbers and bar code don't translate into anything for Publix anyway so I think they'll just go with what it says on the coupon.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

Unknown said...

Hi Christie,
I thought you may want to know the outcome to my question. My Publix (Indian Harbour Beach, FL) accepted the $5/$25 Wags Q today without any problems.

I'm so glad I found your blog, I had not realized before that I could use the Albertsons B1G2 FREE meat coupons. Just like Walgreens, Albertsons is a competitor to Publix in my area also, but I've always pitched the ads because I don't want to shop there. Now, I'll look at the ads a little more closely. :)
Thanks again!

Christie said...


I'm so glad it worked out! And yes the Albertsons coupons are great! It's how I buy a lot of my meat and poultry.

I think I'll start to post the Albertsons in ad Qs on here every week. That way people who don't normally get the ad in their mailbox can go pick one up if there is a coupon they want to use. I'm so glad that my blog helped you save a little more money. :-)