Thursday, November 5, 2009

CVS - I'll buy anything for FREE soda!

If you haven't noticed by now, I drink a lot of diet soda.
I know it's bad for you but I can't help it.
So anything I can do to get FREE or cheap soda
is good thing. Here's what I did at CVS today...

1 Nova Max Testing Kit $9.99
1 Viologie Shampoo $2.50
1 Fruitopia Shampoo $2.50
4 Coke Zero $1.50 each
Total $20.99

$5/$20 from Sunset Magazine
(no longer available)
1 -$2/1 Viologie
1 -$2/1 Fruitopia
(Both from CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine)
Got Back
$9.99 ECBs for the Nova Max
$2 ECBs for the Coke Zero
Total After ECB = $0.00!!!

I had no problem with the $5/$20.
Hopefully you printed one because they are long gone.
They went fast, as all great coupons do!
So I was able to get FREE soda, and shampoo
and conditioner and roll some ECBs out a month.
I want to get as many ECBs as I can for Black
Friday, without spending $ of course! ;-)

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