Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More FREE Stuff @ Wags!

I had another good Wags tour today! It's so
crazy to me that I have been to about 8 different
Wags this week and all but 1 had the Almay
ringing up B1G1. I can't explain why the one (which
is about 2 miles from the next one) wrung up
differently. So no purchase for me at that Wags!
Here's one of my transactions... I like this one
because it's simple, has a low out of pocket (OOP)
and is perfect for someone just starting out
with Wags.

4 Almay One Coat Mascara $6.99 each
(Ringing Up B1G1)
1 Dial Handsoap $2.00
1 Can of Tomato Soup $.50

1 - $4 off Almay One Coat Mascara
(Wags Q took off $4 from each one or $16)
1 - $.35/1 Dial Foaming Hand Wash 10/04 SS
Total $.13
Got Back $1 RR
= $.87 Money Maker!

You can use the Almay Mascara to bring down
the price of anything. This was just one of
my many transactions today. I used that Almay
Mascara to bring down the price of all kinds of stuff.
Now what am I going to do with all this mascara!


Unknown said...

Maybe you should do a giveaway with all that mascara!!! lol

Christie said...

Hey not a bad idea! Maybe I'll put together a makeup kit as a give away! :-) Let me see what I can come up with.