Sunday, December 13, 2009

12/13 Wags Run

Like I mentioned in my previous post there isn't much to get excited about at Wags
this week unless you need Huggies. I did manage to purchase some items I
needed for very little. I plan to do most of my transactions on Wed. & Thursday
so I can get the extra $5 RR but I had some RR that were expiring today.

If you can wait till Wed or Thurs. you'll be much better off. For example, if you
were to do Transaction #1 on Wed after the $5RR it would be a small money maker.

*When I took the pictures of my purchases I totally forgot to include the 2 - 6 packs of
Viva (I thought I left something in the garage!) so that's why there are 2 pics. :-)

Transaction #1
1 - Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99
3 - packs of Jello $.39 each (w/in ad Q)
1 - Geisha Mushrooms $.39 (w/in ad Q)
1 - Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99
3 - Progresso Soups $.99 each
3 - Cream of Mushroom Soups $.69 each (w/in ad Q)
2 - Scotch Mailers $.49 each (w/in ad Q)
3 - Votive Candles $.17 each (w/in ad Q)
Total $25.07
$1/1 Complete Contact Lens Solution 10/25 RP
$1.25/3 Jello Tearpad
$4/1 Fusion 11/29 P&G
$1/2 Scotch Mailers "Winter Savings" Booklet
$.55/3 Campbell's Soups - Peppridge Farms Booklet
$1.10/3 Progresso Soups Print HERE
=$16.17 (Got Back $8RR Complete, $4RR Fusion)
Cost = $4.17

Transaction #2
Fusion Razor $8.99
Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99
2 Votive Candles $.34
Total $17.32
$4/1 Fusion 11/29 P&G
$1/1 Complete Contact Lens Solution 10/25 RP
Total $12.32 (Got Back $8RR Complete, $4RR Fusion)
Cost = $.32

Transaction #3 & #4
1 Complete Contact $7.99
2 Votive Candle $.32
$1/1 Complete Contact Lens Solution 10/25 RP
Total $7.32 (Got Back $8RR Complete )
= $.68 Money Maker

Transaction #5
2 Viva Paper towels 6 pack $6.99 each
2 Votive Candles $.32
Total $14.30
$2 off Viva from HERE(should be last page, it's a MQ)
$2 off Viva Wags Q from
HERE (Takes off $4)
Total $6.30 (GREAT Price for 12 rolls of Viva!)


Amy said...

Where did you find those Wags Q's?

Christie said...

Hi Amy,

They were actually photocopied and available by the regular weekly ad. If you go to my previous post about them and go to the google doc and print them out you can probably use them. Honestly the quality of the photocopy they had ad my store wasn't very different than that of the google doc and I've been reading reports of stores putting out photocopies of them all across the country. Looks like they had some kind of printing screw up!