Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 12/16 Wags Trip!

I had some RR I had to burn over at Wags today I had quite a few transactions
but one I repeated over and over again to roll those $5 RR was simple...

Transactions #1- #7
1 Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99
1 Gift Sack $.16 w/ in ad Q
Total $8.15

$1/1 Complete Contact Lens Solution 10/25 RP
$5 Holiday RR
$2 Goody or Stim U Dent RR
Total $.15
Get Back $8 RR
= $.85 MM each time but more importantly you can get rid of those $5 Holiday RRs!
Total Made on 7 of these transactions $5.95

Transaction #8
2 Angel Soft $4.00 each
1 Viva $6.99
1 Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99
2 Scotch Mailers $1.49 each
3 Gift Sacks .16 (w/in ad Q)
Total $26.44

2 - $.50/1 Angel Soft
1 - $1/1 Complete Contact 10/25 RP
1 - $1/2 Scotch Mailers "Winter Savings" Publix Booklet
1 - $2/1 Viva Print HERE (it's a MQ)
1 - Wags in ad Q from 4 day ad for Angelsoft (Takes off $1)
1 - $2/1 Viva Wags Q HERE
1 - Scotch Mailers in ad Q (Takes off $2)
Total $17.44
Got Back $5 Holiday RR, $8 Complete Contact Lens
Total Spent on this transaction = $4.44

Transaction #9
1 - Fusion Razor $8.99
1 - Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99
1 - Biotene Toothpaste $6.99
2 Scotch Mailers $1.49 each
3 Gift Sacks $.48
Total $27.43

$4/1 Fusion 11/29 P&G
$2/1 Biotene - Diabetes & You Magazine (Fall or Winter editions)
$1/2 Scotch Mailers "Winter Savings" Booklet
In ad Q for Scotch Mailers (takes off $2)
Total $18.43
Get Back $5 Holiday RR, $4 Fusion, $8 Complete Contact, $3 Biotene
Total Made on this transaction= $1.57

Grand total for all 9 transactions = $.06 Money Maker

*There was another transaction for the coke (which are $3/$10 with a $2 RR) another Angel Soft and some ice cream (it was eaten too quickly to make the picture) but I can't find my receipt and I'm too tired to remember. :-)


Amy said...

Are ya sick of me yet??? ;)

Question...on your first transaction, I see that you only have 2 items, but used one man Q and 2 RR's. Wouldn't that be 3 coupons, which means you need 3 items?

BTW...I went in tonight and did a gazillion transactions and made some money and had a huge cartload full of stuff. I can't believe I used to be intimidated by Wags!! :) You've truly inspired me!

Deana said...

Nice haul! Love Walgreens!

Christie said...

Deana - Thanks! I love them too!

Amy - Sick of you, never! I love hearing you did so well! ;-)

As for your question, good point I should have clarified that in the post. Because the $5 Holiday Rewards actually come from Wags they don't ring up as a Man Q, so they don't count in your total! Isn't that great?!

Now you can't use more than one of those $5 Holiday RR per transaction and if you use one you won't get another one but them not counting as a Man Q if great!

Unknown said...

I am new to the Rewards system at Wags and I was wondering if somebody can help me with the following transaction.
Yesterday I bought:
1 Conair Straightener @ $9.99
3 Diet Cokes @ 3 for $10
1 Dulcolax bottle @ $7
The Total before coupons $26,99.
I used $1 coupon for 3 Diet Cokes, 3$ coupon for Dulcolax, $5 coupon for any Conair Ceramic Appliance and 2 $2RR from last week from the Stayfree offer.
Total after coupons $14.97.
They gave me the $4 RR for Dulcolax and $2 reward from Coke but not the $5 of $25 RR, because, the cashier explained to me , it is based on the total after the coupons. From what I read here, everybody is getting the $5RR on the total based before all the coupons and previous RR.
What did i do wrong? Please Help!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

I had another issue today at Wags. I would really appreciate if somebody can help me figure this out.
Today I bought
1 bottle of Dulcolax @ 7$
6 cans of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 2

I used $4 ocoupon for Dulcolax, the 3 for $1 store coupon for the tomato sauce and 2 $1 of 3 Hunt’s tomato sauce manr coupon. My total was $4. I wanted to use 2 $2RR from buying diet coke last week and I was told I can’t use those because they are too many coupons. It doesn’t make sense to me. I bought 7 items, used only 3 manuf. coupons. .

Christie said...

Corinne- I can't find any reason why you shouldn't have gotten back the $5 Holiday RR. The total only has to be $25 before either Manufac. Qs or Wags Qs. I might consider trying a different Wags if you have another one in your area. That Wags seems to be playing by a different set of rules.

As for todays transaction, sometimes the $1/3 coupons will attach themselves to all 3 items, making the register think you have as many items as coupons. At Wags I always give my Manuf. Qs first, then Wags Qs and if I have any $1/3 or $1/2 I give that last in my stack of Manufac. Qs. By doing that you can usually avoid the problem and it will usually only attach itself to 1 can and not all 3. Try that next time.

Lastly, I always have some extra fillers in my cart. Sometimes even the best laid plans get a little messed up and if you have a .12 cent filler (pencil, gift bag, etc.) you can throw it in there and use another Register Reward.

I hope that helped!

Unknown said...

Thank you Christie I appreciate it! So I was so frustrated I called their corporate office and I was told that the $5 RR is based on the total AFTER all the MNF coupons. which doesn't make sense since you guys are able to get it on the total before the coupons. When I mentioned that I have friends and they are getting the 5RR on the total based before the coupons, she told me the store made a mistake in their cases and to give her the store information so she can investigate! Unbelievable!

Ashley said...

Honestly, I have yet to get Walgreens down pat. I end up walking out missing some RR or items I had planned. I'm really struggling with it and the RR system drives me insane! It doesn't surprise me your Wags is being strict, I'm noticing more and more places acting that way. I think "couponing" is really getting hot and retailers and feeling taken advantage of. I think we are just smart shoppers! :)