Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stockpiling -Video Clip! What's in my closet?

I was recently interviewed by TVLESSON.COM about how to save money with coupons. I'll be adding those clips, as well as new clips periodically. Eventually they'll all go under the Getting Started section of the site. Here's a clip on the benefits of stockpiling where you can take a peek at my own at home stockpile. Some of you will recognize that Snuggle deal. :-) Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Good video Christie! Your closet is so organized! :) I love the idea of shopping in your own closet.

Sherry said...

Love It! Your video's are so professional! lol You need to start up a Couponing Talk Show!! :)

Christie said...

Thanks Maryse & Sherry!

When I suggest to my clients that they start a stockpile they usually look at me a little funny. Like I'm asking them to build a bunker and go live underground or something!

I just want them to understand it's simply another tool for them to save $ and not be at the mercy of crazy high store prices.