Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wags- $271 in Products for Nothing!

I had a crazy trip to Wags today. The $5 WYB $25 RR is what made this such a
fabulous trip. Thank goodness my store was stocked (except Triaminc strips).
I had 9 transactions so it's really difficult to lay out every transaction.
So I will give you the summary version!

I bought $271.01 worth of products.
I used $170.50 in RR & paid $11.23 out of pocket for a total of $181.73.
I got back $164.00 in RR & will submit for a $20 Olay Rebate
for a total back of $184.00.
So, I was paid $2.27 to buy all this!!!!

Here are the items I bought
6 - 12 packs of Coke $3/$10
(Get $2 RR for 3)

5-Scunci Hair Products $2 each
(Get $2 RR)

1- Conair Hair Product $2 each
(Get $2 RR)

6- Stayfree Pads $1.99 each
(Get $2 RR)
(Used $1/1 from

2- Airborne Tablets 2/$6.99
(Used $.50/1 Wags Q from Healthy Saving Booklet)

3- Just for Men Touch of Gray Haircolor $6.99
( Used $.55/1 MQ but you can get a $2 HERE)
(Get $7 RR)

6- Triaminic 2/$10
(Used $3/1 & $2/1 from 12/5 SS)

(Used $2/1 Wags Q from Healthy Savings Booklet)
(Get $5 RR on 2)

2- Theraflu Sugar Free 2/$10
(Used $1.50/1 Blinkies)
(Used $2/1 from Wags Q Healthy Savings)

(Used $2/1 Wags Q for Sugar Free from Diabetes & You Mag.)
(Get $3 RR on 2)

3- Neutrogena Mens Face Products $4.99
(Used -$2/1 any Neutrogena product, All You, Dec. 09)
(Get $5 RR)

1- Women's Schick Razor $6.99
(Used $3/1 Peelie on Shaving Cream)
(Get $3 RR)

1 - Sonicare Toothbrush Refills $24.99

(Used $5/1 Wags Catalina)

1 - Pro X Face product $42.99
(Used $10/1 from Vocal Point)
($20 Rebate from HERE)

2- Fruitloops $1.99 each
(Used $1/1 Blinkies)

3 - Renu Contact Lens Solution $9.99 each 2pk
(Used $2 Renu from
(Get $10 RR)

2- Stim-U-Dent $2 each
(Get $2 RR)

2 - Arm & Hammer Detergent $2.49 each
(Used $1/2 from

1 - Milk 2% $2.79
(Used $2/1 Milk WYB 2 Kelloggs Cereals Sticky)

1- Hallmark Greeting Card $2.99

1 - Holiday larger bag $.39 with in ad Q

3 - Holiday Labels $.39 each with in ad Q

Countless Gift Sacks! $.12 each with in ad Q

A few things to look out for...
-Stim-U-Dent RR ONLY prints on the packages that say Johnson & Johnson
-The Scunci hair accessory that looks like a butterfly doesn't print the RR
(my cashier just rang up the barrette and let me get the butterfly, yeah!)
- Don't buy a Scunci & a Conair in the same transaction it's the same RR.
- Your total has to be $25 BEFORE any MQ or even Wags Qs to get the $5 reward!

Have Fun Everyone! :-)


Kelli said...

that is amazing!!!

Christie said...

It was fun! I thought the manager was going to throw me out of the store because it was close to closing when I wrapped up! :-)

Sherry said...

We are getting a Walgreen's here SOON!! Can you believe we don't have one!? lol You are SO going to have to teach me!!!!

Christie said...

No Wags?! Thank goodness you are getting one. Around here they are like weeds with one every 2 miles!

They'll have an amazing week (like this one) and then a yucky one (like next one) but I would say it's 3 to 1 amazing weeks!

Amy said...

You are the queen!! I heard they are having another 4 day sale with the $5/$25 RR again this week!!!! Have you seen the ad yet? Is there anything good?

Christie said...

Honestly next weeks ad, which I'll get to after Target and the 4 day ad, well they leave much to be desired.

There is another $5 in the 4 day ad but the wording is funny, it says "Hurry back, offer good for 2 days only, 12/16 and 12/17 on your next in store purchase".

So what does that mean? It'll only print the 16th & the 17th or does it mean it only prints those days and we have to use it during those 2 days. Very confusing!

Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

Oh my gosh I wish my wags was that cool. They wont let you use 2 coupons or 2 RR's in the same transaction without having a stroke and calling the Regional manager. Yes I Exaggerate. but only a little. lol

Greta said...

This blows my mind. I haven't gotten into Walgreens because I am not as comfortable with their RR system as I am with CVS ECB's. Great job! I may have to reevaluate my stance on Walgreens...

xtophq said...

how many transactions was all of these? I do not know how to roll RRs in less transactions.

Kristen said...

How much RR did you start with? I would really like to see your transactions. I haven't started doing Wags yet because I just got CVS down pat.

Christie said...

Cheap & Sweet- I have a Wags like that by me, actually it's the closest one to my house but I won't go there just for that reason. If I had to use 1 RR per transaction I'd be at the register for 4 hours!

Greta- Wags is a little confusing but once you have the hang of it, you'll love it. Not every week is this good but lots of them are.

Xtophq- This was a total of 9 transactions. I wanted each one to be right over $25 so I could keep getting the $5 WYB $25 RR.

Glenda Lynn said...


So did you start with a stock pile of RRs? I went into WAGS on Thanksgiving and attempted to complete multiple transactions like this but I didn't get more RR's each time it was random? Is that normal? Specifically, I tried to use the RR from transaction number one on transaction number two.

I am hopeful to master the art of WAGS like I have at Publix.


Christie said...

Hi Glenda!

Yes, Wags is a bit confusing. I did start off with a stockpile of RR from previous transactions.

Here's what probably happened to you. If you get a $2 RR for buying let's say Aquafresh (which was one of those black friday items) and you went to buy another Aquafresh with that same RR, you could purchase the 2nd tube of Aquafresh but a 2nd RR wouldn't print out. If you had used a RR from Dove to pay for the 2nd tube of Aquafresh then the 2nd Aqufresh RR would have printed out no problem. 99% of the time you can't use the RR that printed for buying a specific item to purchase another one of that same item and get another RR.

Now, I say 99% of the time because sometimes there is a glitch in the system and the RR "roll". But this is only once in a while and it happens most frequently with Proctor & Gamble products (strange huh?).

After the holidays I'm planning on adding some more to the "Getting Started" part of the site with a primer on CVS & Wags. Wags is probably my favorite store to shop, but it took me a good while to figure it all out!

I hope that helped.