Wednesday, January 20, 2010

$134.87 for under $3 @ Wags! Only $.96 OOP!

Another great trip to Wags this week. There were some items with nice overage this week, (if your store allows). I was able to get $134.87 worth of merchandise for $2.96! And the Pepsi and Tostitos will be great for Sunday Football. I hope we'll still have some left for the Super Bowl. :-)

**I want to clarify because there seems to be some confusion. Any RR I earn in one transaction I credit it to that transaction in my posts. So if I buy something for $5 and I earn $5 RR I consider it FREE. I don't count the RR I used to pay for the item originally because I have already counted that in the transaction in which it was earned and I don't want to find myself double counting RR. This is the clearest method of accounting for me.

I only use real $ at Wags to pay tax and to pay small amounts oop (usually under $.50). I normally have anywhere from $100 to $350 in RR to work with. I've added what I paid OOP for each transaction for those of you who want to see that too, which was 96 cents total. So to clarify, I walked out of Wags with $2 less in RR than when I started this trip and paying $.96 oop. Happy Shopping!

Transaction #1
7 Pepsi 12pks $3 each
2 Accu-check Aviva Glucose Meters $9.99 each
Total $40.98
2 - Up to $10 off Accu-check 11/8 SS (took off $9.99 each)
1 - $5 off Accu-check Wags Q Diabetes & You Mag (Buy 2 Takes off 10)
Total $11.00
(Get back $10 RR for buying $20 in Pepsi)
Transaction Total $1
(I used $11 RR to pay so I had $0.00 out of pocket)

Transaction #2
4 Tostitos $2.50 each
2 Tostito Queso Dip $2.50 each
2 Pepsi 12 pks $3 each
1 Lipton Tea $2.99
1 Theraflu Sugar FREE $3.99
2 Wet Ones $2 each
2 Neosporin .5oz $4 each
Total $39.98
2 - FREE Dip WYB 2 Tostitos Tearpad found at grocery store (Took off $5)
1 - $1.50/1 Theraflu Blinkie
2 - $1.50/1 Wet Ones PRINT
2 - $1 off Neosporin 1/3 RP
1 - $2/1 Theraflu Sugar FREE ONLY Wags "Diabetes & You" Booklet
1 - $2/1 Neosporin Wags Children's Activity Book (CAB)
Total $22.48 (Get Back $10 RR for Pepsi/Tostitos, $4 RR Theraflu/Lipton, $1 RR Wet Ones $3 RR Neosporin)
Transaction Total $4.48
(I used $22 RR to pay so I paid $.48 OOP)

Transaction #3
2 - Puffs $2.49 each
2 - Neosporin .5oz $4 each
4 - Vicks Dayquill $5 each
1 - Theraflu Sugar FREE$3.99
1 - Lipton $2.99
1 - Accu-check Aviva Monitor $9.99
2 - Bumble Bee Tuna $.99 each
2 - Van Camp Beans $.99 each
Total $53.91
4 - $2/1 Dayquill 1/17 P&G
2 - FREE Puffs WYB 2 Dayquill 12/27 P&G (Took off $4.98)
1 - $1.50/1 Theraflu Blinkie
1- Up to $10 off Accu-check (took off $9.99)
2 - $1 off Neosporin 1/3 RP
1 - $2/1 Theraflu Sugar FREE Wags "D&Y" Booklet
1 - $2/1 Neosporin Wags CAB (takes off $4 wyb 2)
1 - $5/1 Accu-check "D&Y" Wags Booklet
1 - $.98 - in ad Q for Van Camp Beans
1 - $1 - in ad Q for Bumble Bee Tuna
1 - $1.98 in ad Q for Puffs
Total $14.48 (Get back $10 RR for Dayquill, $4 RR for Theraflu/Lipton, $3 RR for Neosporin)
Transaction Total $2.52 Money Maker!
(I used $14 RR to pay so I paid $.48 OOP)

Grand Total for everything pictured $2.96!
(Total OOP $.96)


Anonymous said...

did you use some sort of coupon for the free dip when you bought the 2 tostitos? or is that an in ad promotion where you live?

Kelli said...

wow, you're amazing! :) I don't shop at wags because we only have one in my area and it's in the next town over... and the few times I've tried, I haven't had any luck.

I did go to CVS twice this week though and got so much stuff for $4.09 oop and I've got the same number of ebs that I started the week with. I've also got $25 worth of rebates to send in. :)

Lyn said...

That is amazing. You have me trying to figure out how I can make that work for me. Thanks for your post!!

Christie said...

hjohnathan - Thanks for bringing the free dip up. I updated my post with the info. It was a tearpad coupon I got at my grocery store which is Publix. I ran by there tonight to pick up some things and they still had them so I grabbed 2 more!

Kelli- Great job at CVS! We have a Wags every 2 miles here so that's why I shop there so much.

My3sonsmom- I hope my scenarios were helpful. I love it when people can save money with something they read here. :-)

Kana said...

i'm still amazed when I see posts like this... i'm a newbie and i haven't made a trip anywhere but to publix LOL and that was only for a few free things (good start though haha). I'm waiting for an easy MM after RR at WAGS. hopefully something that I use often will come up soon. Did you make all 3 transactions in the same trip? I've heard of people getting the cashier to split their purchases but I'd be too nervous to ask! said...

Great Job at WAgs! Those scenarios worked out great. Definitely takes preparation, I make a few transactions of my own today with mixing and matching what you did... def need some tostitos and cheese dip over here!! LOL

Thanks and you ROCK!

JessieJ said...

Where did you find the free dip coupon???
Also, in your transaction #1 your pepsi 12 pks were $3.00 each, here in NY the pepsi is $4.00 each :(

Kelli said...

I'm kind of jealous of people who have a drug store on every corner.... although, it's probably good that I don't have another store to shop at, I already have trouble making room for all of the stuff that I get from CVS.

Anonymous said...

Awesome deals! I did the same pepsi deal on Sunday along with an Accuchek and when I used my $10 off coupon it beeped and she had to push it through as a manual man coupon. Then I handed over my store coupons and the $5 one beeped as well and she wouldn't take it. Is this a cashier error or did yours beep as well? I want to hit some more Wags tomorrow but I want both coupons to work!! TIA!!

Christie said...

Kana- I did all 3 transactions in one trip. I usually get out of the way if someone else comes up behind me in line and let them pay and then go onto transaction #2.

Reallyaddsup - The Queso dip is especially yummy!

Pamela- Dip coupon was a tearpad at my grocery store. Sorry about the Pepsi being more expensive, that's a bummer.

Kelli- I'm running out of room too!

Jamie- I'm not sure if your coupon is worded the same way as mine but mine says "up to $10" so it'll always beep because the cashier has to enter an amount, which this week was $9.99. So double check if yours is worded like that. My $5 one didn't beep however. I will say that I had problems at one store with one of the Theraflu Wags coupons beeping for no reason so try a different store and hopefully the $5 won't beep!

Dee Dee said...

I think your deals are fantastic, but I have a problem with the way you calculate your final cost. Transaction #1 cost you $11. That was eleven dollars OOP. You did get $10 RR back, but you still spent $11.

When you add up your OOP for all 3 transactions, that is your OOP. The actual money that you have to spend to get that stuff. Which was a huge number like $47. Those RR do not reduce the amount you spent OOP today. I don't see that you listed them in the "used" listing. However, your $47 in RR do come off of future transactions.

Your title make sit seem as if you walked away with all of this for $3 OOP, but from what I see, you didn't.

Christie said...

Hi Doodiebug,

Nope, I didn't pay $3 out of pocket, I actualy paid $.96 out of pocket.

I don't think anything more than a $5 bill has every left my wallet when shopping at Wags.:-)

Anything that is OOP (except tax and a few cents) is paid for with RR from previous transactions. I usually have anywhere between $100 - $300 in RR to work with.

So for example Transaction #1 I paid $.00 out of pocket. I paid $11 with RR and there wasn't even tax. Transaction #2 I paid $.48 before taxes and Transaction #3 I paid $.48 before taxes too. So oop I actually paid $.96, so less than $3.

I don't include the RR I used to pay for a couple of reasons. One, because I don't know what RR my readers have to work (if any) and two because I want anything earned in a transaction applied in the same transaction. It's the only way I can ensure I'm only crediting myself the RR once not twice.

I hope that was helpful!

kd said...

What about sales tax? In Ohio if we buy $50 worth of stuff and have $48 in coupons we still pay sales tax on the total before coupons unless it's food. Also my Wags doesn't apply RR toward the sales tax does yours? So if my order was $50 and everything was taxed then I would still have to pay $3.38 in sales tax no matter what.

Christie said...

Kd- Sales tax varies dramatically from state to state and county to county, so me listing sales tax for each transaction isn't going to be helpful unless you are my neighbor.

I don't know if a reader is in a state with 0 sales tax like New Hampshire or a state with a high sales tax like Tennessee. So just like the store lists prices pre-tax, when I say I paid $3, it's $3 before tax.

I'm fortunate that we aren't taxed on food or medical and my sales tax rate is pretty reasonable. I'm sorry that your area seems to have a high sales tax. :-(