Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Money Maker at Wags 1/31

I was really nervous that my meters wouldn't be in today but luckily they were! I have an awesome Wags that will pre-order for me which is the only way you could realistically buy such large quantities. It's a lot of transactions so I did go in early when the store wasn't busy.

This was big "Meter Money Maker Sunday" and aside from that I only picked up a few of the FREE after RR. Remember the Bayer Contour deal is good all week but the Accu-Check was today only. Here's what I purchased...

Transactions 1 - 23
1 Accu-check Aviva Monitor $14.99
-Up to $10/1 Accu-check Monitor 11/8 SS
-$5/1 Accu-check Monitor "Diabetes & You" Wags booklet
Total $0
Get Back $5 RR = $5 Money Maker x 23 = $115 Money Maker

Transactions 24 - 33
1 Bayer Contour Meter $14.99
-Up to $30/1 Bayer Contour Meter 10/25 RP
Total $0
Get Back $10 RR = $10 Money Maker x 10 = $100 Money Maker

Transaction 34
Vitamin Schtick Lip Care .14 oz $1.99
Blink Tears .34 or .5oz $7.99
Scaplicin Medicated Wipes 12pk $5.99
Joint Juice 30pk $10
3 - Valentines Cups $.17 each with in ad Q
2 - Ravena Knee Highs $.29 each
Total $27.06

-$2/1 Blink 1/31 RP (one paper in my area had this, yippee!)
-$1/1 Scaplicin
PRINT (expires 2/1 unless they refresh it)
-$24 in RR from previous purchases
Total $.06
Get $2 Vitamin Schtick, $8 Blink, $6 Scaplicin, $10 Joint Juice = $1.94 Money Maker

Transaction 35
Vitamin Schtick Lip Care .14 oz $1.99
Blink Tears .34 or .5oz $7.99
Scaplicin Medicated Wipes 12pk $5.99
Joint Juice 30pk $10
2 - Valentines Cups $.17 each with in ad Q
3 - Ravena Knee Highs $.29 each
Total $27.18

-$2/1 Blink 1/31 RP (one paper in my area had this, yippee!)
-$1/1 Scaplicin
PRINT (expires 2/1 unless they refresh it)
-$24 in RR from previous purchases
Total $.18
Get $2 Vitamin Schtick, $8 Blink, $6 Scaplicin, $10 Joint Juice = $1.82 Money Maker

Total $218.76 Money Maker! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW- I am super impressed!
that is good work right there :)

Wylene said...

That is awesome! I was able to use all my meter coupons today and from 4 Walgreens got 5 AccuCheck meters and 7 Bayer I have $105 in RR from the meters! My husband looked at this pic and called it silly, but I call it smart! Haha :)

Angela G said...

Wow. Awesome job. Great planning

Glenda Lynn said...

How/where did you get all the coupons for the monitors? I was excited with my one monitor, lol! said...

wow, thats amazing. I went to FIVE Walgreens today to try to find the Aviva reader and couldnt find one.. i didnt know you could pre order them thats good to know for the future. What will you do with all of the meters? Donate them or sell them? Nice MOney Maker!

The Duchess said...

DAWG! Did you hear our GASP when we saw your pic?! We hit 4 stores and only came up with 3 AccuCheks. (We did learn that when the shelves in that area are empty, it pays to ask the pharmacist.) Thanks ever so for sharing THE SECRET! Hopefully, there will be another golden opportunity before the $10 Q's expire.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Mandy said...

Do you have any idea how I can pick up one of these meters? I'm 7 months pregnant and just found out that I'm at-risk for gestational diabetes. My son was born 6 weeks prematurely less than two years ago due to pre-eclampsia, and I want to do all I can to ensure my new baby's health. I looked on the coupon companies' websites and couldn't find any. Thanks!

Sherri Nash said...

Christie: I'm trying to figure this out . . . so you had to do 35 separate transactions, correct? If so, the cashier didn't mind? I'm blown away by this!

The next question I have is, what do you do with all of the meters?

Kelli said...

holy cow! that's insane. I'm so jealous of your awesomeness! :)

Christie said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for you kind words! I'm hope recovering from some minor surgery so if I type funny, blame the pain killers.

ButIhad - Thanks!

Wylene- I agree with you, I think it's smart! You now have $105 to spend on things you need, not to mention you can donate the meters and get a really nice tax deduction. Maybe if you use your RR on something your hubby wants like a new digital camera or something he won't think it's so silly. :-)

Angela - Thanks!

Glenda - I got some of the Qs from the Coupon Carry Out clipping service (you can see their link on my page under partners) and some on ebay. I paid $2 for 30 of the Accu-check ones on ebay.

Really Ads Up- I think I'll probably donate them. It'll help someone out who needs it and I'll also be able to take a nice tax deduction so it's really a win, win!

The Dutchess- If you have about a weeks notice and a nice manager you can usually order stuff in advance. They most likely won't have any idea about the upcoming sale so just be sure to tell them exactly what you want to ensure they order the right thing.

Mandy - Look at my page under "About" and then "Contact" and e-mail me. I'be be happy to help you in any way I can!

Sherri - Yep 35 transactions.:-P My cashier is awesome. Since there's no tax on the meters she didn't need to collect $ from me. So she took one Accu-check meter and my stack of Qs and rang up the same transactions 23 times. She's so fast I could barely bag them as fast as she rang them up! I went in early so the store was empty so that helped. I'll be donating the meters since they take up a lot of space! :-)

Kelli- Ha, it was a little insane but worth it!

Wylene said...

What kind of places can I donate these to for a tax deduction?

Erin @ 1FaithfulSteward said...


I saw you at SmartSource Coupon Preview and came over to check out your blog. I must say that I'm really impressed. I've been doing special orders at my local grocery store when I needed large quantities of items (like 96 Pillsbury cans last week), but I never thought to special order (or advance order) at any of the drugstores. I'll have to try this out. I wonder if Rite Aid will special order??

I have linked your post on my blog. I'd like for my readers to be able to see this! Great job!


Christie said...

Wylene - See if there are any Diabetes non-profits in your area. Or you can try local non-profit health clinics, or a church or senior center. Even non-profits that provide medical help to poor countries could use them.

Erin - 96 Pillsbury cans? I'm the one that's impressed! I don't have Rite Aid in my area so I don't know if they will but it's certainly worth a shot. Thanks for stopping by!

Cheri said...

I was new to the whole WAGS things..but I had $10RR from the previous Pepsi products deal 2 weeks ago...then I used it this week when they went on sale again and I didn't get the $10RR for spending $20 on Pepsi products because they said you can't get back RR when you use RR from the same product...was that something I was suppose to know..or a fluke???? confused now...

Christie said...

Hey Cheri,

No sadly that is one of the quirks of RR. If you use a RR that you got from buying an item to buy that item again you won't get the RR. So, what you'd want to do is something like this...

Let's say you do the Pepsi deal and get $10 RR and want more Pepsi

Use that $10 RR to do the Joint juice deal (Buy 1 Joint juice for $10 and get $10RR).

Then take that $10 RR from Joint juice and use it to pay for the Pepsi. You can go back and forth.

So if you hear me say I'm rolling RR. That's what I mean rolling a RR from one item into another.

I hope that was helpful!

Tuesdae said...

Christie -

I have a question. I read somewhere that if you buy participating Bayer (and other) products that you get an additional $5RR when you spend $20 and $10RR when you spend $30. I see that you did ALL the meters in different transactions. Can we do them in one transaction to get the additional RR's? Thanks, Tuesdae

Christie said...

Hi Tuesdae,

There is a Bayer deal on top of the meters but you don't want to buy more than 1 meter in a transaction. If you bought 2 meters together you wouldn't get the $10 for the 2nd meter. Instead you could mix the meters with the other products that qualify...

Bayer, Centrum, Cheerios, Citrical, Colgate, Coricidin, Healthy Choice, Hunts, One A Day, Omron, Orville Redenbacher, Quaker, Tylenol, or Wesson

Anne Hall said...

Wow! I'm truly impressed. Just a quick question - where can you donate drugstore items? I've been picking up free eye drops, toothpaste etc to donate to a local group that sends stuff overseas. Just curious what other groups might take donmations?

Christie said...

Hi Anne,

In my area the food pantry also takes some drugstore items. Also, if there is a domestic violence shelter in your area they would love a lot of that stuff! The women and their children usually arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs so everything helps. Thanks for donating! :-)