Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FREE Burger King!

NO LONGER WORKING, Gosh that went FAST! :-(
Kai over at Smart Couponing e-mailed me about a great coupon for a free meal at Burger King. Here's how you can score up to 10 FREE meals! I guess I know what I'm having for lunch.

Click HERE (IE) or HERE (FireFox)and hit the print button
It will say that you have reached the limit (but hold on...)
Then you put your email in the refer a friend box (your can put friends and families too)
After that they will send you the link to your email (like right away)
Print out the coupon in your email (ou can print it up to 10 times)
Each coupon is good for a Free Hamburger, fries, and a drink!
Wow! I'd hurry up and do it before they are all gone.

Thanks Kai!


Lena Gatza said...

I followed the steps but it still told me I had already printed it...bummer. I tried from 2 different computers also.

Christie said...

It worked for me earlier today. I just had a friend try and it's no longer working. Grrrr. Looks like it went fast. :-(