Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frizz Ease Money Maker at Wags

I'm waiting for my coupons to arrive from my coupon clipping service so I can make another
run to Wags but in the meantime I went ahead and stopped in a different Wags to see if they had any of the clearanced Frizz Ease products & BINGO! They didn't even have the clearance stickers on them and were listed at full price ($6.99). The cashier (not my usual fabulous cashier at my favorite Wags) didn't want to do a price check for me and insisted they were full price. Of course I could see the huge stack of clearance labels sitting on the beauty counter. Boy was she surprised when they rang up $1.69! So I did the same transaction 3 times...

1 Frizz Ease Shampoo $1.69
1 Frizz Ease Conditioner $1.69
Used $3/2 John Freida Products Tearpad
Total $.38, Earned $5 RR
= $4.62 Money Maker Each Time!

Even without the $3 coupon you'd still have a $1.62 MM!


Unknown said...

Where did you get the tearpad and what is it?

Christie said...

It was a pad of coupons that they had by the beauty counter about a month ago for $3/2 John Freida products (including Frizz Ease). They were available to anyone to just tear one off. I found them at quite a few different Wags. Hope your store still has them!