Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NEW Winn Dixie Ad 2/17

Here are the best deals I see at WD for the new ad starting 2/17. They have some good deals as part of their 1/2 off sale. It's nice sometimes to be able to just get one of an item instead of 2 in a BOGO. I live in the land of real BOGO (you can't buy 1 for 1/2 price where I am) so 50% is a nice novelty for me.

One thing I'd love to know is what triggers the $10/$50 Catalina. I've heard a few different ideas but I've tried them all and none of them have worked for me. If you have any ideas about that let me know PLEASE! :-)

Kellogg’s Cereals $4.99 (12 oz. Rice Krispies, 14 oz. Raisin Bran Extra, 15.3 oz. Smacks, 16.5 oz. Cocoa Krispies, 18 oz. Corn Flakes, 18.2 oz. Raisin Bran Crunch or 20 oz. Raisin Bran)
-$1.50/2 Kellogg's Cereal PRINT
-$1/3 Kelloggs 2/7 RP
Fisherman's Warf 12-24oz Grouper, cod, ocean perch, whiting or tilapia fillets $6.99
Fisherman’s Wharf 10 oz. cooked shrimp ring with sauce $11.99
Fisherman's Wharf 16 oz. 41-50 ct. medium cooked cocktail
Fisherman's Wharf 150-250 ct. cooked salad $11.99
Fisherman's Wharf 26-30 ct. extra large, 41-50 ct. or 51-60 ct. medium $11.99
Sea Best 9 oz. coconut shrimp, 10 oz. breaded scallops or jumbo $5.99
Louis Kemp flake 7.5 oz. crab delights
Louis Kemp 8 oz. lobster chunks $3.49
WD Center Cut Pork Shops $3.99
WD Center Cut Smoked Ham Steaks $4.99

Half Off Sale
General Mills Cheerios, Assorted, $1.99
-$.75/1 Multigrain Cherrios PRINT
-$1/2 General Mills 1/31 SS
-$1/3 General Mills 1/3 SS
-$1.25/1 Chocolate Cherrios PRINT
-$1/1 Cherrios PRINT
Dole Classic Iceberg or Cole Slaw $.99
Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix $.99
-$.75/2 Betty C Supreme Mix PRINT
Breyers Ice Cream $2.99
Nabisco Premium Crackers $.99
-$2/2 Nabisco Crackers PRINT
-$1/2 Nabisco "Game Day" Booklet
-$2 WYB Nabisco Crackers AND Coke Product
Red Barron Pizza $2.99
-$.75/1 Red Barron Blinkie
Pop Secret Popcorn 3pk $1.64
-$1/2 Pop Secret 1/31 SS
-$1/2 Pop Secret PRINT
Keebler Club Crackers 8-16 oz $1.64
-$1/1 Keebler Club Crackers 1/24 SS
-$1 off Keebler Club Crackers, Parade Mag. 1/31
Hunts 8oz Tomato Sauce $.29
-$1/3 Hunts PRINT
Hunt’s Tomatoes, 14.5 oz $.74
-$1/3 Hunts PRINT
-$.45/3 Hunts pasta sauce 26-26.5 oz, or tomatoes 14.5 oz 1/10 SS
Smart Ones Breakfast Sandwich 8 oz $1.89
-$1/5 Smart Ones PRINT
-$3/10 Smart Ones 1/10 SS
-Breakfast product FREE WYB (5) Smart Ones 1/10 SS
-Flat bread FREE WYB (3) Smart Ones 1/10 SS
-$1.50/7 Smart Ones All You Mag, Jan. 10
Smart Ones Artisan Creations 6-7 oz $1.89
-$1/5 Smart Ones PRINT
-$3/10 Smart Ones 1/10 SS
-Breakfast product FREE WYB (5) Smart Ones 1/10 SS
-Flat bread FREE WYB (3) Smart Ones 1/10 SS
-$1.50/7 Smart Ones All You Mag, Jan 10
Smart Balance Butter Blends, Tubs, Spray or 2 pk Spread $1.74
-$1/2 Smart Balance 1/10 RP
-$1/1 Smart Balance PRINT
Crystal Light Drink Mix 7-10ct pk or 8 qt $1.79
- $2 Crystal Light Drink Mix AND Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack 1/3 SS
Alexia Garlic Baguette Twin Pack 12oz $1.99
Emerald Cashews or Almonds $2.99
-$1.50/2 Emerald Nuts product, any 5 oz+ 1/31 SS
-$1/1 Emerald Nuts PRINT
Lipton Family Size Tea Bags 24ct $1.29
-$.50/1 Lipton or $1/2 Lipton 1/31 RP
Solo Grips Plates or Cups $2.49
-$.75/1 Solo 1/24 SS
Solo Bare Plastic Cups $1.69
-$.75/1 Solo 1/24 Ss
Scotch Brite Sponges 3pk $1.49
-$1/2 Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge Multipacks, Scour Pad Multipacks, Dishwands, or Dishwand refills 1/31SS
Finish Detergent $2.49
-$.40/1 or $1/1 Finish 1/10 SS
Greased Lightning Cleaner $1.74
Airwick Mini $6.89
-$4/1 Airwick Mini PRINT
Natures finest Candles $4.99
Outdoor quad Chair $4.99
WD Charcoal Briquettes 9 lb $2.49
WD Big Roll Paper Towels $.84
Colgate Toothpaste 4.6 oz Original or Baking Soda $.99
Weiman Wipes $2.49
WD Coffee Filters $.89
WD Dry Dog or Cat Food 3.5-4lb bag $1.24
Gorton’s fish sticks or fillets 19-24.5 oz. $3.99
-$.60/1 Gordons All You Mag, Feb. 10
4 pack StarKist solid white albacore tuna in water $3.75
SeaPak shrimp 8-28 oz. all varieties $3.99
Sanderson Split Chicken Breasts $1.80 lb
Sanderson Farms Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks $.89 lb
WD Pork Chops $1.49 lb
WD boneless chuck roast $1.99 lb
WD Tbone steaks $5.49 lb
WD Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast or Tenderloins 40 oz, $5.49
Pork Loin Back Ribs $3.49 lb
Pork Tenderloin $2.99 lb
Fresh Mahi Fillets $4.99 lb
Grouper Fillets $4.49 lb
Scallops $3.49 lb
Swordfish Steaks $2.49 lb
WD Cheese Shredded or Chunk $1.49
Large Red or Golden Delicious Apples, $.79 lb
Anjou, Bosc, or Red Pears, $.79 lb
Hormel Cooked Ham $2.99 lb
2 Liter 7-Up, A&W, RC Cola or Diet Rite, 69¢
Juicyy Juice 46oz $1.64
-$1/2 Juicy Juice PRINT
Butterball smoked Turkey Sausage $1.59
-$1/2 Butterball 1/10 SS
Butterball Variety Pk $1.69
-$1/2 Butterball 1/10 SS
Mama Lucia Italian style meatballs $3.49
6ct Cinnamon Rolls $1.74
Whole Gran Mini Italian Bread $1.24
Glass Plus $1.35
-$1/1 Glass Plus PRINT
WD Disenfectant wipes 35ct $1.19
Damp Rid $1.79
3M Packing Tape $1.69
22qt foam cooler $3.74
4pk WD Lightbulbs $1
Starbrite Windshield Washer Fluid $1.15


Unknown said...

I, too, would also like to know what triggers the $10/$50 coupon. I have yet to get one, but my friend gets one almost everytime she goes in the store - even if it's to buy a newspaper!

Amy said...

I did this tonight and it worked GREAT...

4 Kelloggs cereals (2 boxes of Cocoa Krispies and 2 boxes of Honey Smacks each time) B1G1 $3.99

Used 4 $1 peelies

Got $3 catalina

Making it 98 cents for 4 boxes of cereal!!!

SophieMae said...

Seriously, I'd like to know the secret of the $10/$50, as well. Duller (dh) gets them with his card, but I never do with mine. And since we signed up at different times, I'm pretty sure we didn't use the same address/phone #. A gal could get a complex. 8-\

Michele B said...

There are 2 Winn Dixie stores close to my home. When I shop at the first I never ever get a 10/50. But at the second, I ALWAYS get a 10/50 on my first trip during a new ad week good for the following ad week. It doesn't matter what I purchase (a pack of gum or a whole buggy of groceries), I get one at the second store. No matter how many trips I make though, I will only get one during that ad for the following ad. I have also had my card for about 10 years, and I've used it a lot, so I think that may have something to do with it. My guess is that some Winn Dixie stores issue more 10/50s than others, and that the frequency with which you receive the 10/50 is somehow related to the lifetime use of the card. HTH.

Magnolia Girl Stuck in the Middle of America said...

I am using a card I got about 7 years ago. I didn't use it for a really long time because I lived where there were no WD's. But now I use it all the time and get no 10/50's. I used my MIL's card as well as a bunch of other people, her's saiys something like $5,000 saved at the bottom of her receipts.
There was a time about 6 months ago we were getting the 10/50 no matter what card we used but haven't gotten them in a while!!!