Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saved 80% @ Publix Trip 2/8

We've been living off our stockpile for the most part the past few weeks and really haven't needed to make it over to Publix much. The real coupon winner this week was those Knox Q's for $4 off any Knox product. Too bad I only had 2. :-( All the coupons clipping services I use are out and eBay was just ridiculous, but I was happy to have the 2 I had, believe me! If your store allows overage those are AWESOME!

Even with only 2 I still did pretty well and I only bought 3 items off of the BOGO list. My bill came to just over $14 and was a little over $50 before coupons. My overall savings at Publix (including all coupons, BOGOs, specials and advantage buys was $59.32 or about 80%!

Zephyrhills 24 pack $3.99
Tidy Cats Litter 27 lbs $9.89
Sabra Hummus $2.50
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.25
Breakstone Sour Cream $.99
Oranges $1.47
Carrots $1.25
Spinach Salad $2.00
Peaches $1.40
Cucumbers $1.49
Ground Beef $2.75
Bananas $.59
Onions $1.27
2 - Knox Gelatin $1.39
4 - Kraft Cheeses 2/$4
2- T. Marzetti Dip $3.49 BOGO
2 - TGIF Quesadillas $3.59 BOGO
2- Frenchs Mustard $1.89 BOGO
Total $50.59

$10/$50 Competitor Q (Winn-Dixie Catalina)
$1/1 Grocery Item $1+, Publix Art Calendar, Publix Q
$2/1 Tidy Cats 27lb Peelie
$1.50/1 Tidy Cats 20lb+, Savings for all Seasons, Publix Q
$1/1 Sabra Hummus, any 8 oz+ 1/24 SS
$1/1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese,Publix Grape Magazine, Dec.09
$.55/1 Breakstone’s Sour Cream,1/10 SS
2 - $4/1 Knox Product Any, 1/24 RP
2 - $1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Or Chunk Cheese,(Publix Coupon)1/3 SS
2 - $1/2 Kraft Cheeses PRINT
$3.49 FREE T. Marzetti Dip (Thank you for taking a survey)
$1/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip 11 Oz. 11/29 SS
2 - $1/1 TGIF Quesadillas "Try Me" Peelies
2 - $.50/1 French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, Any 1/24 SS
Total $14.05


bhoffman said...

Love your website--I've learned a lot---Have one big question---I buy lots of newspapaers every Sunday & it's getting expensive--I've come across lots of people selling coupons on ebay---Many have hundreds of the same coupons---How do they have access to such a large quantity---Would appreciate any info---Thanks & have a great day

Christie said...

Hi bhoffman,

I'm glad you stopped by! Yes buying a lot of papers can get expensive. In some area dollar stores offer the Sunday paper for a $1 which can save a little.

eBay sellers fall into a few different categories. Some buy multiple papers at a discount and sell all the coupons in bulk, or buy bulk order inserts directly from SmartSource, RedPlum, etc. Or you might get someone who has access to recycle bins (like in a condo or apts.)and can pull out 50 inserts out of the trash. I have ordered coupons from eBay with few problems. I try to order from those with lot's of good feedback.

Something I use and highly recommend is a coupon clipping service. I might buy 4 papers but there might be a coupon I want 10 or 20 of. Buying 20 papers would be WAY expensive so I order just the coupons I need from the service. I place an order about once every week or 2. I use The Coupon Carryout. You can find their link on my site under "Partners".