Sunday, March 14, 2010

Couponing my way to Paris!

This past week it has been a bit of a challenge to post. My husband and I have been celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Paris! We couldn't have made this dream come true if it wasn't for the money we've saved with coupons. So anyone who says coupons aren't worth it just doesn't know how to coupon. :-) It's been difficult to post between seeing the sites and the 6 hour time difference between France and home. You can only imagine what my husband thought as he was patiently waiting to see Eiffel Tour and I'm exclaiming "5 more minutes and I'll get these Target match-ups done".

We did make it to the grocery store a few times, since Paris restaurants are crazy expensive. Imagine my excitement to find peelie coupons on a bunch of items from pre-made sandwiches to cookies to P&G products! Here's a pic of me getting cheap cookies after my 1 Euro off peelie. We are heading back home tomorrow after an amazing week and I'll be able to get back to posting as normal. Au revoir!


kelli said...

this is awesome! :) I noticed that you weren't posting much and I'm glad to find out that you're off having fun in Paris!

Angela G said...

Wow. Paris! How nice. Love the grocery photo shot with peelie. Safe travels back to the States.

~k said...

Congrats on 10 years!!!

Christie said...

Thanks so much! We had a great time, there is so much history in Paris it's just amazing.

I have no idea where the last 10 years went, they just flew by. I'm already thinking of where we can go to celebrate our 15th. I don't want to wait 10 more years to plan another trip. :-)