Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEW Sunday Coupon Preview

Sunday Coupon Preview has the new RedPlum and SmartSource coupons for this Sunday available. I'm really excited about the $3/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener.

And of course the Dove $2.50/1 Hair Care or $1.50/1 Dove Hair Care in RP that will be such a SWEET money maker this Sunday at Walgreens. It's so helpful to know what's going to come out ahead of time.

Just click on the box above to check out the list of coupons!


Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

Christie, What would be your best advice on how to use the $3.00/1 Snuggles MQ in today's insert. I am very frugal where I spend my dollars on dryer sheets; sometimes I just do without but would prefer to have them. I want to use this Q wisely, if at all. I was going to mail it to my daughter who has a KMART to double but thanks to resource you provide see the dollar limitation on doubling. I have no normal grocery other than HEB here in TX. Thanks for any comment. Jan B :)

Christie said...

K-mart actually has the 64oz Snuggle on sale this week for $2.50. So you or your daughter can actually get it free this week, no doubling needed! Hope you are doing well! :-)

Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

Thank you, Christie, I appreciate it. The Kmart is located in my daughter's town which is in TN. Kmart stores did not reopen after the Chapter 7 or 11 they filed years ago here in my area of TX. However, I did find a post somewhere that Snuggle sheets are on sale this week so that after the Q, the OOP is less than $1.50. I can live with that for a large box of dryer sheets with a 70 count. Other than that, though, I will give some away because I have multiples. Wonder if they sell well at yard sales? My neighborhood is having a community YS later this month; it will be my first one if I indeed participate. I think selling Snuggle sheets at $2 would be acceptable. We'll see...DH is home from Afghanistan and already we have some concerns. Hey, you have a great day!!!! :)