Friday, April 16, 2010

FREE Sample of Fizzy Wizzies

Dead Deal - NO MORE Fizzy Wizzies available!!!!!!

If you are looking to make bath time a little more fun for your little one, you can get a FREE sample of Fizzy Wizzies, colored bath tablets HERE.

Fizzy Wizzies are effervescent tablets, in different colors that fizz up bath water and make kids' bath time much more fun! Who wouldn't want to take a bath in bright yellow water!

(Thanks David for the tip!)

Dead Deal - NO MORE Fizzy Wizzies available!!!!
Dead Deal - NO MORE Fizzy Wizzies available!!!!


anon said...

i filled out the form and when i hit submit, it took me to a free chili's gift card page.

should i fill out the form again or did anyone else get a weird page instead of a confirmation page?


Christie said...

What?! Uh that is NOT supposed to happen!

Maybe they got overwhelmed and couldn't offer any more. I'm going to take it down since I don't need anyone being sent to some weird page! Thanks for letting me know!