Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Help to Get your Finances in Order!

We know coupons are a GREAT way to cut costs but there are other areas in our budgets that need attention too. I wanted to share with you two sites that I personally use that have been really helpful to me and my family.

If you don't use it's an awesome site to help you determine where you money is going and keep your budget on track. It's by far the most popular and well respected budgeting site out there and it's totally FREE! It can help you come up with a plan to pay off debt, save and reach whatever goals you've set for you and your family. You can learn more about it HERE.


Daily Worth is designed for women by women (but guys can read too ;-) ).They offer articles covering all kinds of financial topics from saving, budgeting, investing and more. You can sign up to get daily tips to help you keep on track. It's like having a personal financial coach helping you stay on track. The tips are informative but also fun and of course it's FREE! You can learn more about Daily Worth HERE.

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