Tuesday, August 24, 2010

140 FREE Super Cute Labels!

UPDATE - Awesome news, I was able to design a 2nd FREE sets of labels for a total of 280 FREE labels! I just designed one set, then I closed the window and came back and clicked HERE. I then designed the second set which fell under the category "holiday labels". I was able to get both for FREE, it just cost me an additional $1 in shipping! Yippeee!!!! :-)

Vista Print is again offering all kinds of freebies including FREE mailing labels HERE, you just pay shipping! I'm really excited because they have added all kinds of NEW designs both for kids and adults! There are so many new cute ones I'm actually having a hard time making up my mind!

Just look at the bottom of the page for "FREE Stickers". The total cost for shipping and handling came out to just $3.08 for me. Be sure to select the least expensive shipping. I order from Vista Print all the time and their stuff always comes quick even with the least expensive shipping.

You can use the mailing labels for a million different purposes (think labeling stuff for school, books, etc.). Have a great idea for using these FREE labels? Let us know!

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