Thursday, August 27, 2009

FREE Reese's @ CVS

Reese's are on sale right now 2/$1 at CVS. If you use the coupon from 8/23 (this past Sunday) for .55 off any Reese's product you'll get yourself some FREE yummy chocolate. Remember the coupon is more than the product so your register will beep and the cashier will have to adjust it.

I personally am a big fan on not having the register beep so I purchased an additional chocolate to prevent the beeping so...
I bought 7 and used 6 coupons. Cost was $3.50 and the coupons equaled $3.30 so I paid .20 for all 7 chocolates but no beeping!

If you were lucky enough to have 10 coupons you could buy 11 chocolates and they would all be free and no beeping! I'm going to have to order more of these coupons since I'm sure they'll be on sale again somewhere between now and Halloween!

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