Friday, August 28, 2009

A Very Special FREE Breakfast!!!!!!!

I am downright giddy with excitement right now at the deal coming up at Target this Sunday. It's a Fuel for School Mega Money Maker I'll call

A Very Special Breakfast

Part #1

Buy 4 Special K Cereals at $2.39 each
(Use 2 - $1/2 RP 8/2)
Total $7.56
(Get back $5.00 gift card)
Pay $2.56 for 4 boxes of cereal or .64 cents a box!

***Variation #2 on this deal if Blueberry is included
(Use 4 - $1 off Blueberry at for an even better deal)

Part #2

Buy 4 Special K Cereal Bars Fruit $2.39 each
(Use 4 - $.50 off Kellogg snacks grain or fruit from
(Use 2 - $1/2 Kelloggs Special K Cereal bars from
Total $5.56
(Get back $5.00 gift card)
Pay $.56 for 4 boxes of cereal bars or .14 cents a box!

Part #3

Buy 2 Nutri-Grain Bars $2.39 each
1 Gallon of White Target Milk $2.89
(Use $1/2 Nutri-Grain Bars 8/2 RP)
(FREE Gallon of Milk with 2 Nutri-Grain bars Target Special)
Total $3.78

***There is also a $2 off of Store brand coffee when you buy 2 Nutri-Grain bars that you could use to make this an even better deal. Also you can substitute 12 ct. Pop-tarts for the Nutri-Grain bars.

Now put all these Kelloggs deals together and you are looking at 10 items that qualify for the Fuel for School Rebate.
So if you buy them all in one transaction you are looking at

Total Bill of $14.90
(- $10 in Gift Cards)
(-$10 in Fuel for School Rebate)
= $5.10 Money Maker!!!

So you just got paid $5.10 to purchase

4 boxes of cereal, 6 boxes of cereal bars and a gallon of milk.

A Very Special Breakfast indeed!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Quick Question: I am new to rebate forms and would like to take advantage of "fuel for school" rebate... the form says you have to send receipt, the form, and original upc symbols - does this mean I have to literally cut the upc lables off of the box and mail them in with form and receipt?

Christie said...

Unfortunately yes, you'll have to literally cut the upc label part off. I err on the side of paranoia :-) so I will also make a photocopy of them too. Once with a rebate offer my info was lost and the company allowed me to re-submit a copy of the UPC codes and a copy of receipt. So better safe than sorry. Good Luck and happy couponing!