Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kmart - Double Coupons - MONEY MAKER!

Let the fun begin!

Here is installment #1 of what will be many, many purchases made during K-mart double coupons week. If you need to see the rules for this promotion click HERE. The cashiers and the Kmart I went to had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and I had to show them the ad. My Kmart was really empty and not one other person there was using coupons!

4 - Neutra Air - B1G1 - $2.67 each
(Used 2 MC for $1.50 off, doubled to $2.67 each) = FREE

3-Greenworks Wipes - $3.49 each
(Used 3 $2 MC in Publix Greenwise Mag, doubled to $3.49 each) = FREE

1 Renuzit Crystals Starter - $5.50
(Used $2 MC, doubled to $4) = $1.50

1 Renuzit Crystals Refill - $5.50
(Used $2 MC, doubled to $4) = $1.50

3 Renuzit Spray - $1.89 each
(Used $1 MC, doubled to $1.89) = FREE

Total Out of Pocket $3.00 But...Received $5 off next purchase any amount =

$2 Money Maker!!!!

I love getting paid to bring this stuff home! The 5$ was for a promotion they are running where if you spend $15 in participating products (in my case Renuzit) you got $5 off your next purchase. If you spend $10 you get $3. So that was a nice bonus!

*Now keep in mind I don't figure in tax when I calculate these, taxes are different everywhere so that would be too confusing. It was still a Money Maker for me even after taxes but your mileage will vary.


Anonymous said...

Hope this isn't a dupe post. Did it once but don't see it so think it didn't go through.

Noticed you are buying lots of the Scotch products so this might come in handy.

Also there is a $5/50 Q to help keep OOP down here. PDF useable through October.

I'm having a great time with doubles this week. Great savings and fun.

Christie said...

Thanks for the tip. :-) I'm going to take advantage of these for K-mart doubles next week. I've barely recovered from this last doubles event and to think it's time to do it all over again!