Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kmart Doubles Part #6 The Finale

I am officially done with K-mart double coupons, after all I know that after a one week break, I get to do it all over again! When I went to my new favorite K-mart I found a new coupon book full of MC over by customer service. That enabled me to get some seriously cheap batteries and free deodorant - like I really needed more deodorant! :-) Here's what we got...

Bic Silky Touch Razors 10pk + 4 bonus $3.29 each
(Used $2 off, 7/19 SS, doubled to $3.29) = FREE

2 Whiskas Cat Food $4.99
*This was $5.29 at my other Kmart
(Used 2 - $2.00 off IP, doubled to $4) = $.99

Command Picture Hangers $2.99
(Used $1.50, Publix "Summertime Savings", doubled to $2.99) = FREE

T/Sal Shampoo $7.19
(Used $2 IP, Click HERE, Doubled to $4) = $3.19

Secret Gel Deodorant $3.99
(Used $2 off MC, In Kmart coupon book) = FREE

2 - Duracel Batteries 8pk $6 each
(Used $2 off MC, In Kmart coupon book) = $2 each

Total $8.18 - Used $5 Cat from yesterday

Final Total OOP $3.18

Total Saved $26.27

Total Saved at Kmart this week $189.12
Total Spent = $10.99

*I already counted the $5 Cat in my total yesterday so I used my pre-Cat total to arrive at my Total Spent. Otherwise I'd be counting it twice.
I decided I'd go ahead and spend my last $5 from the Renuzit deal since I have no plans on going back to K-mart till August 30th for Double Coupons. So, I bought a pair of shoes for work.

These were on clearance for $6.99.
When I got up to the register they rang up $4.89!
The only problem was I needed to reach $5 to use my Renuzit credit.
What's the cheapest thing I can find by the register? Snickers!
Snickers $.89 - bringing my total to a whopping $ .78!!!!

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