Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CVS - FREE & Cheap Trip #1

Here's trip #1 at CVS for this week.
There is a GREAT price on this Cover Girl makeup and
these Dove chocolates are seriously to die for.

Cover Girl Foundation $4.99
Cover Girl Powder $4.99
Dove Silky Smooth Chocolates (YUM!) $3.50 each
2 Cashews (fillers) $.99 each
Total $22.46

(Used $4/$20 Readyfill Booklet)
(Used $1 off Cover Girl 8/30 P&G)
(Used B1 Cover Girl Foundation Get 1 CG Face product FREE)
(Used 3 - $1 off Dove 8/16 RP)
Total $9.47
Got Back $7 ECB
Total after ECB = $2.47 for everything!

*The cashews were total fillers.
I wanted to use an ECB & my balance was negative.
I just kept throwing in cashews till it was positive.
Without the cashews you are looking at $.47 for everything!!!!!

Did I mention how good those Dove chocolates are? :-)

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