Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walgreens - FREE Candles!

So this was an example of a cooperative manager and awesome store staff! I went to get the 2/$4 Glade candle holders at my local Wags. Well they couldn't find them anywhere, apparently they hadn't arrived. So the manager agreed to give me the Angle Whisper candle holders w/candle that were ringing up at $4.89 at clearance for the $2 price. On top of that he was concerned that the RR would print so he said he would just give them to me for $1.50 each, the price I'd pay after the RR.

Here's what ended up happening...

2-Glade Candle Holders @ $1.50 each
2 -Glade Candle refills @ $3.99 each
Used 2 - $1.50 off of Glade Candles
(found in tin candle holders I had bought earlier)
2 - B1 Candle Holder get Glade refill FREE 8/23 SS
Total $0 (just tax)
Got back $1 RR
= $1 MM!!!!

And the refills had another coupon for $2 off a candle holder and another for B2 refills get 1 FREE! So I can go to another Wags and buy 2 more candle holders and get 3 refills FREE this time! The candle holders had coupons too for another Glade product. I see candles stuffing many stockings this year. ;-)

It was so nice to be in a situation where the manager did the right thing. Actually, he totally offered, I didn't have to ask. I think I'll drop Wags a note about what a great job they did!

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