Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CVS - FREE Stuff!

I wanted a FREE blush, I really needed it, but I had already done my 1 Cover Girl deal for the week to get the powder. A friend who didn't need Cover Girl, decided to help me out when we went shopping together. Thanks Again! ;-)

So here's how her transaction went...

Cover Girl Foundation $4.99
Cover Girl Blush $7.49 (ouch!)
Lifelock DVD $2.99
Softsoap Ensembles Pump $7.99
Softsoap Ensembles Base $3.50

(Used $5/$25 Readyfill On-line Quiz HERE)
(Used $1 off Cover Girl 8/30 P&G)
(Used B1 Cover Girl Foundation Get 1 CG Face product FREE)
(Used 2 - $2 off Softsoap Ensembles CVS Reinventing Beauty Mag)
(Used 1 - FREE Softsoap Base Peelie)
Total $5.97
Got Back - $2 ECB Cover Girl, $2.99 Lifelock, $2 Softsoap

Total after ECB = $1.02 MM!!!

With prices like that you can afford to share your blush.

*Now be on the lookout for the Lifelock DVD that offers the $10 CVS gift card. It looks like your first month is FREE with the DVD. If you stay on a 2nd month it's $9.00 but you'll qualify for a $10 GC after you are a paying member. Cancel after you get the GC and you should get 2 months free & you'll end up with a $1 for your trouble.

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