Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AWESOME Glade Gift Card Deal @ Target!

I was finally able to take advantage of this fabulous Giftcard deal at Target. This is not an advertised deal and only some of the stores even have the signs up. Target ran a similar deal last year during the holidays. Get a $5 Target Giftcard WYB 5 Glade Holiday Candle Items

There are Buy a Glade Candle Holder Get a FREE Refill Blinkies available at most major grocery stores. There are also $1.50/1 Glade Candle Holder coupons in the tins. So here is what I did.

I bought
4 Holiday Tins $2.50 each
4 Holiday Glass Holders $2.50 each
8 Holiday Refills
Total $40

Used 8 $1.50/1 Glade Candle Holder
(4 from the tins and 4 from non-holiday
tins I purchased at Wags a while back)
8 B1 Holder G1 Refill FREE Blinkies
Get Back $15 in Gift Cards
Total $7 MM!

AND it get's even better! This is eligiable for
the $5 SCJohnton Rebate from HERE.
Making it a $12 Money Maker!

I LOVE being paid to shop! These make nice stocking stuffers this holiday season. Who doesn't love something that smells great?!
If you don't have any of the coupons from tins you have bought before then stick to only the tins and don't get the glass holders I purchased. My store didn't have any sign about the gift card but if you scan it at the self scanner the gift card offer should come up. So, how many will you get?


Middlingmom said...

This is such an awesome deal! My Target in Michigan didn't have any coupons under the tins or blinkies :(

Christie said...

I actually had to go to 3 Targets before I could find the coupons in the tins. I could tell at the other Targets someone had taken out all the coupons! Also, the red glass holders, have coupons in them for $2/2 glade candles or refills. Not as good of a deal but you might be able to use those. I'm hoping we'll get another insert or internet print for the free refills soon!

Christie said...

Great News, we'll have some Qs for this in the 11/1 insert! I'm posting about it right now. :-)