Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Walgreens Mag w/ coupons!

I picked up the new Holiday/Winter edition of the Walgreens magazine "Diabetes & You". I look for these every quarter since they always have coupons in them and they are FREE. You can usually find them by the pharmacy. I have seen them just on the counter, in a plastic dispaly on the wall or even on a table in the waiting area (if your Wags has a waiting area for the pharmacy). This edition had something unique, a little booklet with Wags store coupons as well as the regular magazine. Remember at Wags you never know what will be a money maker with coupons and Register Rewards so grab the magazine just in case! :-)

Wags booklet "Diabetes Shopping Guide"
All Wags coupons Expire 1/31/10

$1 off Nature's Bounty Diabetes support pack 30 packets
$1 off Nature's Bounty Cinnamon 60 or 100 capsules
$.50 off Curad Hold Tite bandages or adhesive pads
$2 off Lotrimin Anti fungal
$3 off JointFlex Arthritis Pain Relief Cream 4oz
$2 off Kerasal Ointment 1oz
$3 Lamisil
$2 TheraFlu Sugar-Free Nighttime Severe Cold & Cough 6pk
$5 Neuragen PN .17oz
Buy 2 Get $1.50 off Colgate Total or Total Advan. 5.8oz+
$2 off Benefiber 20, 48, 62, 90 or 125 dose, 100ct chewable,
114 caplets, 16 or 28 packets
$6 off Comfort Scanner Temporal Thermometer
$1.50 off BD Ultrafine II Lancets 100pk
$1 off BD Home Sharps Container
$5 off Bayer Contour Test Strips
$5 off Truetest Blood Glucose Test Strips 100 pack
Buy 2 get $1 off Crystal Light .87, 2.1oz or On the Go .6 or 1.4oz
Buy 2 get $1 off Nabisco Triscuit 9.5oz, Wheat Thins 10oz,
SnackWells 6.75 oz, 6pk 100 Calorie Packs
$5 off Accu-Check Aviva Blood Glucose Monitor
$.50 off Cluco Shot 2oz Walgreens
$.50 off Ricola Sugar Free Cough Drops
$1 off Planters Nuts 12 oz
$1.50 off Glucerna Shakes 4 or 6 pack 8oz each
$1.50 off Glucerna Cereal 9.5 or 11.1oz and
Snack Bars - 4pk Meal Bar, 8pk Mini Bar
$1 off Lubriderm Lotion 6 to 16oz or Ointment 1.75oz
$1 off Curel Itch Defense Lotion 13oz
$3 off Iceland Health Chromax Plus Ultra Strength 60ct cap

Manufacturer Coupons in the actual magazine
$2 off any Biotene (excludes trial size) ***
(*Register Rewards Deal this week)
$2 off any Ace Brace & Support (Walgreens co branded)
$2 off any Alpha Betic Formula Multi-vitamin

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