Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CRAZY Chick-fil-A deal!

Remember I mentioned a great Chick-fil-A deal HERE.
Well that deal got even better! I went in today for the
Veterans Day "Keep Your Receipt Day" at my area
Chick-fil-As and like I suggested in my previous post, I
purchased the $20 giftcard to get the free calendar. I was
getting ready to place my order (that I would pay for with
my gift card) when one of the assistant managers came over
and called me a genius. I was a little confused but he went on
to say that ANYTHING you purchase on Keep Your Receipt
Day you get FREE on your next visit, gift cards and
calendars included!!!!!!

I knew about the food being free on
my next visit but I didn't realize it would be the gift card and
calendar too! So, I'll be going back to Chick-fil-A tonight to
pick up dinner and another gift card for sure! Here's how the
deal works out...

1 Chick-fil-A Gift Card $20
Get 1 FREE Calendar (normally $6)
Total cost $20
Then order $20 worth of Food
Use Your gift card to pay
Total $0

Bring back your receipts anytime
between Nov. 12-25th Get...
$20 worth of FREE Food
$20 Gift Card
1 FREE Calendar!

Total Value of Everything $72.00
You Paid $20!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Where are you located?? I called the Tallahassee stores and one in central Fl by my parent's house and they had no idea what this promo even was.

Christie said...

Hi Karissa,
I'm in South Florida, all the stores here were participating, it was even on the news. They have done this promotion before in my area but this was the first time I had a chance to actually go out there. It was a bit of a madhouse but I made it there for lunch & dinner!

Unknown said...

Christie, how did you find out about the event (other than the news report that day)? Do you know if CFA's release this date in advance if you ask them? This sounds like one of the best deals ever!

Christie said...

Hi Karissa, Honestly I heard about it on the news a few days before the event. I think it's one of those "customer appreciation events" that Chick-fil-A does once a year or so. It didn't dawn on me how awesome it was going to be until I was actually in line to order looking at this ad saying ANYTHING you buy was free. I had to ask the manager 3 times to confirm that I'd be able to come back and get a gift card free. I wonder if they'll get smart and change it next time but for now I'm going to give out a few of the cards as X-mas gifts! And of course 3 of the calendars will be gifts too!