Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FREE Nexxus Mousse

If you have been lucky enough to find the Walgreens Healthy
Savings book you can have FREE mousse this week!
(I found it at only one store in my area and I have been to 12)
The booklet looks similar to the regular Nov. booklet but it
has a mom & her kids on the front cover. Nexxus mousse
is priced at $2/$5. Buy 2 and use the coupon (which is for $4)
and it will automatically take off $5, making it FREE. This
still doesn't help my desperate need to roll some RR
right now but at least I can pick up some free
stuff while I'm working on that rolling!


Maria said...

Christie, I did this deal today and used the Nexxus $4 coupon found on the November Coupon Book. This book has a big Red Christmas Ornoment on the cover and it says" Over $200 in savings inside". Although the coupon says $4 off Nexxus hair care, it actually ring up $5 off. Fair warning, i did had a problem with the cashier as she insisted that the 2 oz Nexxus are considered trial sizes and thus do not qualify for the deal. She gave it to me anyways with an attitude. Try this UPC code 0-0000005418-8 and have the cashier manually input the coupon code. I didn't know you could do this, but i did this with the Kleenex deal today since none of the Walgreens in my area have the Healthy book with the Mom and child in the cover. It worked just fine. I hope this helps

Christie said...

Hi Maria,

I'm sorry that happened to you! I'm glad she put it through, although without the attitude would have been nice!

I did the Nexxus deal and Kleenex deal today(the Nexxus coupon is in the Healthy Savings booklet too). I had one of my favorite cashiers so no problems there but I left my coupon book at the counter! I was so sad. :-(

I have been in probably 14 Walgreens this week and I only found 1 of those Healthy Savings books! I'm very happy to hear the Nexxus is in the $200 savings book but bummed about not being able to get more Kleenex. My mom was just telling me that she needed some. Do you happen to have the code for the Kleenex too?

Thanks for the tip! ;-)

Jane said...

The UPC code you gave seems to be in both coupon booklets. I tried it today at my Wags and it only gave me the actual price off, no overage. I guess this is a YMMV situation.