Saturday, November 28, 2009

UPDATE - Great Deals on Oral-B Pulsonic 11/29

If you are interested in getting an Oral-B Pulsonic toothbrush this week I have a couple
of fabulously priced options for you. This would make a nice gift for someone or of course
for yourself! Here are 2 great deals I've spotted, both starting on 11/29. My plan is
to try this at Walgreens tomorrow and I'll report back how it goes!

Get $10 Gift Card WYB the Oral-B Pulsonic $49.99
$10/1 Oral B Pulsonic 11/15 Parade Magazine
$15 MIR Oral B Pulsonic Print
$10/1 Oral B Pulsonic MIR 11/15 RP

(This makes it $15 after the Gift Card, Coupon & $15 MIR)
(I don't think you can use both MIR but I guess you could try!)

Oral B priced at $69.99
*If your Wags matches competitor ads bring in the Target Ad at $49.99
$10/1 Oral B Pulsonic 11/15 Parade Magazine
Use In ad Q for $20/1 Oral-B Pulsonic

$15 MIR Oral B Pulsonic Print HERE
*(This makes it $4.99 after the MIR!)


The Leonards said...

here's a deal i posted about from RA
Pulsonic TB , $54.99
- $5/$25
-$15 in-ad coupon
-$10 manu coupon(11/15 Parade Mag)
-$15 MIR

$9.99, plus $54.99 toward GOS.(not sure on price, i got that off RA dot com

Christie said...

Cool! We don't have a Rite-Aid around here but that's a great deal. It's like they are just throwing Pulsonics at us. :-)

Thanks so much for posting!