Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making Money @ Wags 11/29

Here's my awesome trip to Wags today. This was broken up in a few transactions.
I'm going to go ahead and list one of the transactions since I think seeing it
step by step can be really helpful. I know it always is for me.

Transaction #1
2 - Band-Aid Bandages $1.50 each
4 - Zooth Character or Oral-B Stages Toothbrush $2.50 each
2- Oral-B Floss 55 yd., $2.50 each
1- Complete Contact Lens Solution $7.99
3 - Ecotrin 45 count low dose $3.49 each
1 - Holiday Pencils .39
Total $36.85

2- $.50/1 Bandaids 8/2 SS (Expires Monday)
4 - $1/1 Zooth or Stages Toothbrush 11/1 P&G (Expires Monday)
2- $1/1 Oral-B Floss 10/11 P&G
1- $1/1 Complete Contact Lens Solution 10/25 RP
1- $10/3 Advantage Products (Ecotrin) 10/11 RP
1- $2/1 Character Bandaids from Children's Activity Book (Takes off $3)
1- $1/1 Zooth or Stages Toothbrush from Children's Activity Book (Takes off $4)
1- Ecotrin in ad Q (Takes off $4.50)
1- Holiday Pencil in ad Q (Takes off $.26)
Total $7.09 (I used $7 in RR to pay from a previous transaction)
Total out of pocket $.09
*Got Back $17 in RR($1 RR Band-aids, $5 Zooth, $3 Oral B, $8 Complete Contact)
= $9.93 Money Maker!!!

You can see how I got the Oral-B Pulsonic for $4.99 HERE


Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

Hi, how are you? I was able to make the trip to Wags tonight before midnight. My husband had logged in on messenger from Afghanistan so that was priority. Too soon, he had to go so I had time to make it to the 24hr Wags farther from my house to try the Zooth deal. After the Q beeped, cashier voided the transaction, then price adjusted. The first transaction caused the RR to print; good thing because the price adjustments on the 2nd try restrained the RR from printing. So, I was awarded the RR from the first voided transaction. My 2nd transaction was on the Head/Shoulders which I will be including in a care package to my husband. I had a $5RR and a $1 MQ for the 2/$8 sale, paid $2.xx OOP with $3 RR earned. Later, I bought 6 cans of tuna at 69cents each with an RR. Doesn't justify a photo, but felt pretty good about it. :)

Christie said...

Hi BB&B,
Sounds like you did great and got a really good deal on things you needed! I'm glad they gave you the RR from the voided transaction on the 2nd Zooth transaction. That's the one wacky thing with their price adjustments no RR.

Sounds like your hubby is in the service? Well thank him from me for everything he's doing for us and thank you for making it possilbe! :-)

Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for sharing your ability to do so well with us! :)

Anjaliza said...

Hi Christie, how are you? I'm fairly new to this and have read a lot about Walgreens' complicated coupon system. I noticed that you bought 13 items, but used 14 coupons plus RRs to pay. I keep reading that you need to have as many coupons and RRs combined as you have items, in order for them to accept all your coupons? Is that not true then? I have only done one one-item transaction at Walgreens so far. Could you please, please elaborate?

Thank you so much! You're wonderful for compiling all of those great deals all the time!

Christie said...

Anjaliza - Hi there and thanks for stopping by! :-)

You are correct you can't have more coupons and RR than items but Walgreens coupons don't count towards this total, just the Manufacturer coupons. That's why I have so many pencils! If I have manufacturer coupons for most items I'll figure out how many RR I want to use to pay and buy that many pencils.

The pencils usually need an in ad coupon to get them at the lowest price (about .12 or .13 cents usually) but since that's a Walgreens coupon it doesn't count towards my total and I can use RR.

I hope that helped to explain it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Wags is a little confusing at first but you'll have the hang of it in no time.

Anjaliza said...

Christie, thank you so much for explaining. I finally get it. :)