Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Wags Trip!

Here's my Thanksgiving Day run to Wags! I did to several stores to get all this.
Since these free deals are pretty obvious, there were lots of people shopping
who obviously had not used RR before. I actually had one couple who decided
their best bet to find all the free items was to follow me around the store!

Click HERE for my previous post about the deals with the ad scan.

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving!


Mrs. P. Kok said...

So I went to Walgreens too and was disappointed with their WAGS program?!?! I could only use one coupon per man Q WAGS combo! Is there a trick that I am missing? Seems like I am fronting a lot of money to get the "free" items.

Christie said...

Hi Mrs. P,

You should be able to stack a Wags Q and a Manufac. Q for the same item. Their registers are a little wonky so always give your Manuf. Qs first and your Wags Qs last.

When you first get started it can feel like you are fronting a lot of money but once you make that initial purchase you should be able to use those RR to buy things that are free of even money makers after RR or RR and coupons. Then your transactions should be small (.25 cents or less) plus tax.

I hope that helped!

Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

fabulous, wish i had read your website last week! :)thanks for sharing!