Sunday, February 7, 2010

ConAgra Food "Rediscover Your Balance" Booklet

I finally made it to looking through todays mail and I was thrilled to find the ConAgra coupon booklet I had requested a few weeks ago from HERE. If you haven't requested yours you still can. There are a bunch of Healthy Choice coupons which will go well with the Target promotion this week. (Buy 10 & Get a $5 Gift Card FREE, check it out HERE).

All the coupons expire 5/30/10, here are the coupons inside...

$1/2 Fleishmann's Original soft spread (11.4oz tubs+)
$1/1 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers
$1/2 Healthy Choice All Natural Entrees
$1/2 Healthy Choice Select Entrees
$1/2 Healthy Choice Complete Meals
$1/2 Healthy Choice Microwaveable Soup
$1/1 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
$1/1 Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop
$1/3 Rotel Cans
$1/5 Hunt's Tomato Sauce
$1/4 Hunt's Diced Tomatoes
$1/2 Peter Pan (28oz+)
$1/2 Kid Cuisine
$1/1 Wesson Canola Oil (48oz+)
$1/1 Egg Beaters (15oz+)
$1/4 Van Camp's Pork & Beans (15oz cans+)
$1/2 Manwich (15.5oz cans+)

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