Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quaker Gift Card Deal Just Got Better!

I ran out to Target for a quick shop. While there I decided to do a little investigating (I guess it's that journalism degree), so I decided to try other Quaker products to see if they qualified for the gift card deal. After my 1st few attempts failed I finally got a winner!

The Quaker Oatmeal Express single serving cups in Golden Brown Sugar ONLY are ringing up as part of the $5 gift card deal! And they are only $1.02 a piece!

I didn't have any Qs that would work for the single serving so if you know of any let me know.
So here's a breakdown of what I got...

Deal #1

5 - Quaker Oatmeal Golden Brown Sugar Cups $1.02 each
Total = $5.10
Got Back $5 Target Gift Card =
$.10 for 5 cups or $.02 each after Gift Card!

Deal #2

10 Healthy Choice Meals
4 - Healthy Choice Completes $2.29 each
4 - Healthy Choice Naturals $1.75 each
2 - Healthy Choice Asian Steamers $2.50 each
Total = $21.16
2 - $1/1Healthy Choice FLIP Target Booklet
2 - $1.25/2 Healthy Choice Completes PRINT
1 - $1.25/2 Healthy Choice Steamers PRINT
2 - $1/2 Healthy Choice Any PRINT
Got Back $5 Gift Card =
$8.41 or $.84 each after Gift Card!

Deal #3

1 - Archer Farms Bread $2.03
Used $1/1 Archer Farms Bread PRINT
Total $1.03 for a loaf!
*Update - Kerry from Totally Target also found the same thing at her store (Golden Brown Sugar only) and her store even had a sign! You can see her post HERE.

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