Friday, February 5, 2010

Target Qs - Mobile Phone Qs

I've been avoiding buying an Internet compatible phone for a while, I'm more a "what phone is free on my plan?" kind of girl. (I also don't have cable tv and have never owned an iPod or i-anything but that's for another day). Now there's something that just might make me change my mind about my phone!
Target will now send you coupons right to your mobile phone, bar code and all. The coupons come monthly and apparently are good for a limited number of scans. You can read more about it and sign up at Target's website HERE. If you currently sign up for the service, let me know what Qs you got. Now the only question is could I save enough to pay for the phone, hmmmm....

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Brooks, Bees, and Bubbles! said...

Hey, Christie, I don't have cable or satellite either. I even have to watch Dave Ramsey on!
Have a nice weekend! Jan :)